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Paneling for Walls

Smita Pandit Dec 20, 2018
Are you planning to use decorative paneling for walls? Read on to find out some important information about decorative panels for the walls.
You might have traveled to the most exotic locales and spent great moments while vacationing, but the comfort that you would feel in the confines of your home is simply incomparable. After all, home is where the heart is; it is a place where you long to be. It is not just an edifice, it's a reflection of your personality.
The interiors of one's home is basically a reflection of one's aesthetic sense. No wonder every little aspect needs a special treatment so as to make the home aesthetically appealing. There are so many design elements that homeowners  incorporate to give their home a personal touch.
Decoration and accentuation are no doubt imperative.The unique touch could be achieved through paneling. Gone are the days when panels served as concealers of uneven patches on the walls. Wall panels are now viewed as a design element. Along with stone, brick or concrete panels, decorative wood has always been used as paneling for walls.

Wall Paneling

Though earlier panels were mainly used in a wainscoting style wherein the panels were installed in the bottom half of the wall, times have changed. Now people are using paneling to spruce up the entire wall. Decorative panels can be easily installed on the drywall.
Panels are widely used in homes, offices and hotels. These can be installed in a wide variety of ways. Their popularity is on the rise due to the endless design possibilities. These are available in different types of textures. All you need to do is look for panels that complement your home decor.
A majority of homeowners prefer wood panels for the walls. You can check out the panels made from engineered wood, hardboard, timber or plywood. However, there are other choices when it comes to the materials.
Though panels made from oak, rosewood, walnut, cedar, knotty pine, redwood and zebra wood definitely look good, these may cost you a lot of money. For those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to wood paneling, it would be best to go for faux wood panels.
You can easily find faux wood panels in different patterns, sizes and wood grains. Since faux wood simulates the look of wood, it helps you get the rustic charm of wood at a lower price. Similarly you can get faux panels that simulate the look of brick, metal, stones or even fabric.
For instance, polyurethane and polyurestone panels are faux panels that simulate the look and texture of wood and stone respectively. These decorative panels can be used in any part of the house. Panels made from glass are quite popular in commercial spaces.

Wall Paneling Styles

If you are planning to use decorative panels for walls, there are certain aspects that you need to consider.
With the varied types of paneling designs that are on offer, you would be able to find panels that complement interiors of a home with a contemporary as well as traditional home decor. If you want a traditional look, you could have the raised wood panels installed. You can check out the pre-finished wainscot styles and project panels.
Another style called knotty pine paneling imparts a rustic charm to the ambiance and is perfect for those who live in cottages. The amazing grooved patterns in beadboard paneling also work well. The wood finishes in beadboard add visual interest to your home for sure.
If you have contemporary style furniture and other modern design elements in your home, you could check out modern decorative panels. The wooden panels come in a variety of finishes.
You will be able to find groove patterns and textures that are great to look at. You can even check out the faux wood veneers that come in a wide variety of hues. The machine-sculpted faux panels with embossed patterns also look extremely classy.
If you want something different, you could check out the carved wave panels that have a three-dimensional effect.
Such decorative panels could very well become the most visually appealing element of your home. Perforated metal panels and laminated panels with patterns embossed or carved on them are also quite popular. You could even paint over the panels. It can surely give a whole new look to your home.
If you have been wanting to add some visual interest to the walls, using decorative wall panels can surely do the trick. However, you must look for a wall paneling design that blends well with your home decor.