Painting Techniques for Walls

Painting Techniques for Walls
Painting techniques for walls create a great texture and give a beautiful look to the walls. Here are some methods that can be used to get a unique look.
Painting is one of the prime parts of interior decorating. Walls play an important role in giving a defined look to your home. The colors have to be perfect to give your room that elegant look. The most important thing you need to consider is the color scheme. The colors are usually chosen according to the theme and size of the room. While there are many ways to decorate your room, a well decorated wall is one of the essentials.

If you think wall decoration only means fixing frames, hangings, wall art, lamps, or murals, then you are probably not aware of the various decorative painting techniques for walls. Yes, you can experiment a lot with the colors, and have a wonderful looking room to grace up your home decor. Faux painting can impart a unique texture to the walls. The texture is also beneficial in hiding some minor faults or blemishes over the walls, that can occur over a period of time. Believe me, walls that are painted using these methods look much more beautiful than wallpapers.

Decorative Painting for Interior Walls

» Sponging

In case of sponge painting, a solid base paint color is applied. When this paint dries off, a wash or glaze is applied using a roller. Before this dries off, a damp sponge is used for exposing the base coat. This gives a clouded look to the wall. Once it dries, you can also opt to apply another layer. Make sure each layer dries well before applying the next one. You can opt for two different colors for base, and top coat or different shades of same color. Usually darker colors are used for the base, and lighter for the top coats, but you can opt for opposite for a jazzy look.

» Pressing

This technique also gives a classy look. The walls will look like leather surface after using this method. In this technique, first a base coat is applied. Then a second coat is applied after the base coat dries off. You have to cover the wall, while this coat is wet, using a long sheet of plastic. The one used for food wrap is preferable. Now press it over the wall using a hand broom. Once you have finished pressing the entire wall, peel off the plastic wrap. Do not drag it. You should not cover long patches. Use medium-sized wraps all over to have the best look and ease of peeling.

» Ragging

Ragging gives a fantastic texture to the wall. It is popularly used to decorate the focus wall in living rooms. Ragging creates a broken color look . This is done using paper towels or rags. A base coat is first applied over the entire wall using small strokes. You can paint in different directions as well. Let this dry off. Then take a glaze or other shade, and apply it using a roll. Now using rags or paper towels, rag off the color in different directions. Change the pressure while ragging to have a variety in the texture. Even small variations will give it a more classy look. You can also use a variety of fabrics to get different effects.

The aforementioned painting techniques will definitely help you have great looking walls. These beautifully textured walls will adorn your home decorating campaign. Choose the one you like and have your walls painted using that method.