Painting Ideas for a Nursery

Pragya T Dec 12, 2018
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Looking for some interesting painting ideas for a nursery? Here are a few unique and amazing ideas that you can try!
You can paint the nursery room walls a plain pink color if you are expecting a baby girl, or paint the nursery walls in blue if you are expecting a baby boy. This will give a neat look, but if you are feeling extra creative and want to make the baby nursery fun-looking, take a look at these awesome ideas!

Painting Ideas and Techniques for a Nursery

Make sure you use a primer and sealer in case you have any gaps or bad patches in your walls. Also, a primer and sealer will increase the life of your wall paint and will provide a good base for the interior painting colors.
After you finish painting the wall with base coat colors, try out different painting techniques for a nursery using a stencil or create your own funky art. Make sure you use a semi-gloss, after you are done completely paining your walls. The gloss will protect the walls and make them easy to maintain.
Before deciding on the interior paint colors and ideas, it is a good idea to select a theme. But keep the theme simple without adding too much detail and stick to some soft and light colors. Some good ideas for a boy's room can be cars, space, and cartoons. For girls you can go with stencils like stars, flowers, and butterflies.
Paint the bottom half of the walls with white and the upper half with pink and white vertical stripes. Take a simple flower stencil and a couple of bright colors, and paint an arch on a wall. Place the cradle under this arch to give an effect that the arch is over the cradle.
Paint all your walls in a light sky blue color. Use a dark green tone and mix up white paint to create two shades of green. Now, paint the base of the wall in the dark green tone and make a horizontal stretch on it with the medium green paint.
Keep the edges of the patches uneven, so you get an effect of shading from the dark green color to the light shade. Now, use some Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh or the Jungle Book characters and paint some of the characters on the walls.
Paint your walls in a medium-dark lemon shade and use butterfly stencils of different sizes. Give a depth-of-field feel to it by painting the big butterflies (dark shade) at the base, then medium-shaped butterflies (medium shade), and finally the little butterflies (light shade). For butterflies you can go for colors like brown or dark orange.
Paint all the walls blue and with a stencil or freestyle paint a few clouds of white color. But for the surprise part, paint the ceiling a dark blue color and using a fluorescent shade, paint stars, spaceships, and planets on the ceiling. With the room's lights-off the ceiling will give an amazing space effect.
Paint your walls off white and then near the cradle side of the wall draw a tree and on its branches rubber stamp some leaves and between the leaves paint the characters from A to Z.
Other interesting baby room themes are underwater themes. Paint half of the wall with a sea wave curvy line effect and the upper half of the wall white. Paint on the blue base coat different underwater sea creatures like sea horses, dolphins, corals, etc.
To check out some more painting ideas for nurseries, surf the Internet for nursery painting and click on the image search result and voila! You will find plenty of nice ideas. To get a preview of how the colors and the ideas will look on the nursery walls, use an interior painting software where you can try out different interior paint colors and ideas.
This way you can also experiment with different ideas and choose the one you like the most. So, use some imagination, take help of the interior painting software, and paint an amazing nursery for your child!
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