Painting Ideas for Living Room

Living room décor is an important aspect of interior design. So, if you wish to redo the interiors of your living room, here are some great painting ideas in this DecorDezine post.
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Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
Living room is a special place in any house since we utilize it to relax, listen to music, welcome guests, interact with family members, etc. Thus the main objective while designing the interior of the living room is to make it spacious, attractive, and most importantly, comfortable to be in. Colors play an important role when it comes to interior decoration. Just choosing right colors is not enough to gain an elegant look. Picking the correct painting method is equally important. Before we discuss painting ideas for the living room, let us take a look at the colors that can be used for painting the area.
Living Room Wall Color Ideas
While choosing the colors for the living room walls, first take a look at the size and shape of your living room. Make yourself aware of different types of colors that provide different feel to the walls. Warm, cool, and muted are some of the basic groups of colors used for painting walls. Red, yellow, orange and their combinations together form warm colors, while blue, green, violet, and their shades come under cool colors. It may happen that the size of the living room is small and hence you may need to choose a color scheme to give a larger look to the room. Cool colors and muted colors may help you in this regard. Moreover, you should also consider the color of the furniture in the living room. The colors of the wall and the furniture should complement each other to enhance the beauty of the living room. You can take help of a virtual interior painting tool to visualize the effect of the colors chosen by you.
Cream living room
Lavender living room
Gray living room
White living room
Yellow living room
Choosing the Right Paint
After choosing the color, visit a nearby store to purchase the paint required. Take precise measurements of the walls in order to buy the correct amount of paint required. Paints come in different forms and textures and each type has a different finishing touch. Flat finish, matte finish, satin finish, and gloss finish are some of the types of textures that can be used for the living room. Flat finish paint has no shine and does not reflect light, while a gloss finish paint is the one which shines the most and is highly durable. Matte finish paint reflects light to some extent, while satin finish reflects light moderately with soft glow. Thus, depending on your requirements choose the paint required for your living room. You should also consider the durability of each of these type of paint. You can find all the required information at the paint store.
Living Room Painting Ideas
Once you are done with choosing right color and paint for your living room, it's time to paint the room. There are plenty of painting ideas that help to give a unique look and feel to the living room. You can go for a simple contrast theme to paint the four walls of living room or use a customized wall painting technique like faux painting. Faux painting is nothing but imitating look of some natural elements like wood, marble, or stone. You can also go for simple rubber stamp painting or something more sophisticated like Trompe L'oeil. Wall stenciling, focal walls, striped walls, etc are other painting ideas that you can use. Some painting techniques may be too expensive, thus you need to get a proper estimate of the expenditure from the store. Certain painting techniques require specific type of paint, so before you make a final decision regarding the paint and the painting technique, consult an expert who will help you with all the issues related to living room painting.
Modern Living Room
Modern Living Room Interior
Living Room
Living Room With Bookcase And Sofa
Modern Yellow Living Room