Painting Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Sujata Iyer Dec 23, 2018
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Painting kids' rooms is one of the most enriching experiences of a parent's life. It's one of the first decisions that they make for their kids and usually turns out to last really long. So, let's check out some of these ideas for you to paint your kids' rooms.
You've just booked a new home for you and your family, and you've started planning the interior decorating. You've got all the rooms sorted, but now you're stuck with absolutely nothing on how to paint the kids' rooms.
Bah! You don't have to worry at all! Here, you'll get to know some ideas that will kick all your worries goodbye! Just read them, and have a wonderful decorating experience together with your kids.

For little girls

Princess Chambers

One of the best ideas to paint a kid's room, especially if it's a girl's room, is the fairytale theme! Decide on a fairytale that she loves the most, and have some really creative ideas incorporated, along with the signature colors of the fairytale.
For instance, a Cinderella themed room must have a glassy look to it (remember that gorgeous shoe??!!?). A Snow White room can have a red, white and black color scheme, along with an entire wall occupied with the seven dwarfs. You get the drift now, don't you? This also works as a good idea for a nursery. So paint away!

Fishy Affair

Another idea is an aquarium theme. You can have all the walls painted in different shades of blue and green. Then you can either get different fish and sea creatures painted on them, or you can have molds fixed onto the walls as wall decorations.
Label the sea animals as well. So she can learn at the same time too! It's not something that a teenage girl will appreciate much (unless she's an underwater enthusiast), but you can try it out for a younger one.

Floral and Fruity

Use bright and vibrant colors to paint different types of flowers and fruits on the walls of the room. Keep one wall for flowers, and one for fruits. Paint them, and remember to label them.

For little boys


One of the all time favorites, when it comes to painting a boy's room, is the superhero theme. And there are so many of them to choose from, you'll be overwhelmed. The general favorites are Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Transformers, etc.
You can also check out some movies like Shrek, Ice Age, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, or other animated movies. Get the main characters painted on the walls by a professional and watch as your son revels in glee!

Space Age

Another interesting idea to paint a boy's room can be a space theme. Get the solar system painted on the walls using a black or midnight blue as a base. You can also have the planets hung from the ceiling with transparent nylon strings.
You can paint on some UFOs, stars and spacecraft to give it a more fun appearance. You may also want to have an astronaut painted to depict your son.

Animal Time

A great way to make your little boy learn his animals is to use his bedroom wall as a canvas for painting animals of all sizes and colors. Paint domestic animals in a shed, wild animals in a jungle, and some birds in a tree or in nests. Avoid using bars to represent captured animals. It might send out a wrong message to your child.
Combine these ideas with appropriate and matching bedroom furniture, and the room will be a delight for your kids!