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How to Paint a Formica Countertop to Transform it Beautifully

Mamta Mule Jun 16, 2019
A formica countertop deserves the same care and attention as any other household feature, where these tips on how to paint it, will leave it looking as good as new.
Over a period of time, elements like dirt, grease, and dust, clog the minute pores of a countertop, like our skins, leaving it dull, damaged, unsightly. Our first instinct is to wash our faces using a good-quality cleanser, we neglect on the flip side, the things that occupy our homes, not considering the expenses involved in replacing damaged furniture.
You don't want to live in a home that is a monument to wear and tear. Let's take a look at how you can transform your old formica countertop into a spectacle in the kitchen.

Steps on Painting a Formica Countertop

Declutter and Prep the Area

Clear the countertop of all that is resting on it, using a cloth with a little cleaning liquid on it, to give the surface a well-deserved cleaning.
Next, place old bed sheets or tarp on the flooring around the countertop and on anything in its vicinity (pots, pans, and the like), to avoid residual paint and other substances from splashing on them. Tape the edges of the countertop if you wish to concentrate on the middle, and not the backsplash as well.


Sand the countertop using 150-grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface prior to priming it. Make sure that you work on the entire surface using firm yet gentle circular strokes.
This is a basic step that allows the paint to adhere to the surface, properly. Before you move on to the next step, take a brush and clear the leftover sanded particles; you can use a hand-held vacuum cleaner or a regular one.


Apply base primer over the entire surface of the countertop, using slow gliding movements to avoid the formation of bubbles. Apply two coats of primer, allowing the first layer to dry before applying the second coat.
Use a roller brush to perform this step for an even finish, gently sanding the set layer (wait for it to dry before sanding it) to further smoothen it. Don't sand the surface too hard or it may chip.


There are all kinds of paint available in the market that provide a flawless finish to formica countertops, in particular.
Find out which one is most suitable before buying a couple of tins of the same paint, to keep stock of some for future touch-ups. Choose a grainy, textured paint that adds an interesting dimension to the countertop, making sure that it is appropriate for use when it comes to such a surface.
Also, it is wise to spend a little more on a durable paint, to avoid repeating this process from scratch in the near future. Use a wide brush to perform the painting process, waiting for the first layer to dry before applying the next coat.
Using a different brush, apply two coats of epoxy over the painted surface, waiting for the first layer to dry before applying the next coat. Wait for an entire day for the surface to dry before placing anything back on it. Avoid using the surface as a cutting board for meats and vegetables; for hygiene and safety purposes, use a cutting board at all times.