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Instructions on How to Paint Ceramic Floor Tiles

Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 30, 2018
When your ceramic floor tiles start to look dull and dreary, you can bring back their brightness by painting them with some beautiful colors. Read here all the instructions on how to paint ceramic floor tiles.
Painting ceramic tiles will make them look attractive. You may feel that it is a challenging task, as paints do not stick well with the shiny, slick surface of the flooring. But, putting in some extra efforts to prepare the floor can make the task much easier.

The Painting Process

There are few important things that you need to keep in mind when painting ceramic tiles. First, the floor should be cleaned before you start coloring. Second, chose a paint that is suitable for tiles and third, apply a protective finish after painting is completed.

Preparing the Tiles

Floor preparation is required to obtain a smooth surface for painting. Firstly, check out the surface carefully for cracked tiles. If any, repair before starting your job. After grouting the cracks, leave the floor untouched for at least 48 hours to cure.
Now, start cleaning the tiles to get rid of all the dirt, grease, soil, or molds, that are accumulated on them. Use some abrasive cleaners and scrub using a brush to get the best results.
You can make a mixture with equal quantities of ammonia and water and use this mixture for washing.
If the tiles are glossy, scrub them with a sandpaper. This will make the surface a bit rough helping the paint bind well with it. Clean up the dust after sanding the tiles. If you don't want to paint the entire floor with colors, put painter's tape on portions where you do not need color.

Application of Primer

Available in two types; the primer enables the paint to adhere to the tiles well. The first type is the oil-based and the other is the shellac-based. You can choose any one of them. Make sure you read the guidelines given by the manufacturers before applying them on the tiles. Usually, two coats of primer need to be applied.
After applying the first coat, wait until it dries up completely and then apply the second coat. Generally, the manufacturers do mention the drying times in their instructions. Once the second coat dries up, rub a sandpaper once again lightly over the primer. This is required to remove any lumps of primer formed.

Application of Paint

Semi-gloss or high-gloss oil-based paints are the best choice for ceramic tiles. Oil-based varieties are better, as they give a better finish and are not damaged by moisture.
Start painting the tiles from the corners and the areas near the walls with the help of a brush. You need a number of coats of paint before you can achieve the desired results. Let each coat dry completely before you apply the next one. The paint requires at least 2 weeks to dry up. So, keep it undisturbed.
For the finishing touch, you have to apply a floor finish. Water-based urethane works best for the ceramic tiles. Again, just one coat of finish will not do and you have to apply a number of thin layers.
Never use latex paints as they do not last for a long time on the tiles. It is not at all necessary that you have to use one color for the entire surface. You can try out different color combinations and various designs on the ceramic tiles. The result will surely be stunning.