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Paint Swatches

Paint swatches can help you select the right color for your home. Also after you are done painting the house, you can use them to create cool paint craft swatch crafts.
Pragya T
When it comes to house painting there are many things you need to plan, and many thing you have to do. The general steps involved in painting the house includes, choosing interior paint colors for your home, then preparing the wall surfaces, by removing old paint, and cleaning the walls. Then sealing up the cracks and sanding down any deformities in the walls. Then a primer is applied so that the paint coat will adhere properly to the surface. After the coat of paint dries away, a coat of a paint finish is applied to protect the surface better. One of the important step in the house painting interior paint colors and ideas. There are many ways to do this. You can use an online painting software, or get little samples of paint and paint patches on the wall to check. But, a classic way is to use paint swatches.
Choosing Your Paint Colors
Paint swatches also known as paint shade cards can be a big help, when you are trying to figure out the right colors for your walls. Because, if you select a wrong paint or are not happy with the result of the paint you used on your walls, then you will need to repaint all the walls of that room. This can be quite a painful task, as it means extra time and cost added to the project.
But, with paint swatch colors you can really get an idea on what are the colors and shades available. All you have to do is first select what all are the colors are in the color schemes that you have selected. So, first figure out all the colors you need. For example, some colors go well in living rooms while some look good only in kitchen. Once you have decided the wall color schemes, make a list of all the colors you need.
Then go to a paint store, or go to various paint manufactures sites, from which you can print their paint swatches shade chart. Once you have the swatches, stick them with a tape on the walls where you want to perform interior painting job. Then observe the paint swatch book colors in different lights of the room. During morning light, during afternoon light and during the night-time, and observe with both artificial and natural lighting. This will give you a good idea which particular shade works best, and note down the code of that particular shade. After you are done with this repeat the same process for selecting exterior painting colors. Then go to the paint store or order online for the paint shades you selected.
Paint Swatch Crafts
After you are done with the painting job, you can consider creating cool arts and crafts with the leftover lot of paint swatches, so you don't have to throw them away after you are done. You can make holes in the paint chips, and put a key ring, to make cool key chains. You can use assorted swatches and cut them in various shapes and make greeting cards with them. You can also cut them in uniform square or round shapes, and use them as mug or glass coasters too. You can also weave them together to make lamp shades.
This was all about how to use the swatches to select the right paint colors for your house. And tips on creating interesting paint swatch arts and crafts, with the leftover swatches. So, get the swatches from different manufactures of paints. You can find these swatches at any paint store.