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Paint Finishes

Paint Finishes
Mentioned here are the various types of paint finishes and their practical uses, that will help you select a paint finish appropriate for various rooms and surfaces.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Dec 24, 2018
When it comes to house painting, everybody thinks of paint colors. However, interior painting is a job which needs to be performed in various steps, with a number of products. For the job of house painting, first comes preparation of the surface, which means cleaning the surface to make it smooth.
The first application to seal up any cracks or gaps is done using a primer or sealer. For uneven surfaces, smoothing with sandpaper is done. A primer is also useful if you are trying to paint water-based paint over oil-based paint or vice versa, as this helps to adhere the new paint better.
Next step is applying the paint color. Finally, a paint finish is applied to protect the painted walls better. Paint finishes are nothing but another application of a transparent paint to the walls, which allows the underlying main paint color to see through. This coat applied can be either non-reflective or can be very reflective.
Flat Paint
Interior Of Nursery
It gives a flat, matte surface appearance. The best part about this paint finish is that it works great for uneven or imperfect surfaces.
Flat paint finish helps to camouflage cracks and small bumps. But, this is not a good finish for high-traffic areas, as this paint is not very durable.
Enamel Finish
Modern interior
Flat enamel finish is more durable flat finish, and is good for rooms which need to hold up for occasional cleaning.
Eggshell Finish
Interior Closeup
This finish is actually a wise choice, as it has a very low sheen and it can be cleaned. So, eggshell paint is a good idea if you want a paint finish between semi-gloss and matte.
Satin Finish
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This finish gives a smooth velvety look. It can be used for ceilings, doors, trims, kid's room, bathroom, kitchens, etc. This finish can stand light scrubbing, and so can hold up to cleaning.
Semi-gloss Finish
Modern Interior
This finish can be scrubbed, and hence is one of the preferred choice for high traffic areas. You can create good faux surfaces using semi-gloss finish.
Gloss Finish
Interior of a hotel bedroom
This finish is very reflective, and gives a look of enamel or plastic. It is not used for painting interiors, but can be used to create dramatic faux finish painting. It is also used to give a striking look to wall trims, furniture, and cabinets.
Homeowners should not just use one type of finish, but rather use a combination of various finishes. For example, bedrooms can be painted with a matte finish, while children's bedroom can be painted with an eggshell finish. Kitchens and bathrooms need a semi-gloss finish. Also, for wall trims semi-gloss finish is a good idea.
You can also use gloss and semi-gloss for wooden surfaces, while matte or satin finish for ceilings or areas which don't need much cleaning. But, make sure you prepare the surface well before applying any finish, as gloss finishes can magnify imperfections of the surface.