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Paint Color Schemes

Pragya T Oct 06, 2018
While selecting the paint colors for interiors or outdoors, one needs to be careful. Because, certain colors produce certain effect and mood. Let's look at various color schemes for your interior rooms and exterior walls of the house.
The color wheel has basically three primary color which are the red, blue, and yellow.
When these colors are mixed with each other they create other three colors which are purple (mix of red and blue), green (mix of blue and yellow) and orange (mix of yellow and red).
Half of the color wheel (including primary and secondary colors) has warm colors, the other half of the color wheel consists of cool colors.
Using the warm and cool colors, you can create different moods for your interior rooms. For example, using warm colors like orange and yellow you can create bright and sunshiny moods for your living room.
Using colors like blue and purple you can create sober and peaceful mood for your bedrooms.
Understanding the differentiation between cool and warm colors, will give you good control on selecting the right paint colors and freedom to mix and match the warm and cool colors, to create incredible-looking new color schemes for interior and exterior painting. So, remember red, orange, yellow are warm colors and blue, purple, and green are cool colors.

Home Paint Color Schemes...

... for Living Room

For your living room, you can go with a sober but little cheerful paint color theme, or go a bit edgy and try out some new eye-catching color combinations. You can go with one of these schemes for your living room:
  • Gray walls with dark shades of gray for wall trims.
  • Beige walls with white wall trims, and some white painted wall art.
  • Red and black color combination.
  • Green and white color combination.
  • 3 Gray walls, 1 wall painted black in color with colorful blobs on it.

... for Bedrooms

Bedrooms need to be mostly painted with peaceful, sober, and calming color. However, if you are painting a room for a teenage girl or boy then you can go with some bright color combinations, as the person staying the room will be using the room not just for sleeping, but spending most of the time in their room. Here are some ideas for painting a bedroom:
  • Sober color combinations of white color with hints of red, blue, or yellow color.
  • Peaceful cool combinations with blue, like blue with white, gray, or yellow.
  • Something fresh with color combinations of burgundy with white or yellow.
  • For men's bedroom brown with color combinations of black, blue, or yellow.
  • For girls bedroom color combinations of either pink or purple, with hints of white or yellow.

... for Kitchens

For contemporary kitchens, there are many interior painting combinations out of which you can choose.
Some color combinations for painting a contemporary kitchen are:
  • Shades of yellow combined with blue or red.
  • Green with white or yellow will also give a fresh look.
  • Popular color combinations like lavender with black or white.
  • Popular color schemes like aqua walls with hint of white.

...for Exteriors

House exteriors colors should be such that they merge nicely with the outdoors. Hence, select colors which remind you of Earth. Some color combination ideas for exterior house painting are:
  • Green and white is a classic color combination for exteriors.
  • Dark gray with hints of white will also look good.
  • Monochromatic theme with brown can also be applied to the exteriors.
  • Medium shade of red, with green and light brown can also be used.

Some Other Ideas

Whenever selecting any particular color make sure you select the right shade of it, so that it goes well with the second or third color you are going to combine it with. So, select wisely and enjoy a beautifully painted house!