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Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 30, 2018
Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, there is always a reason to celebrate. Walk that extra mile this time, to decorate your outdoors for the special occasion.
A celebrated American essayist, lecturer, critic, and editor once said, 'blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love'. What could have been a better saying than this, to describe the festive flavor?
Irrespective of the age we all like spending our holidays with our loved ones. To make it a special time for guests, preparing for holiday decorations can get very easy if you have planned well in advance.
Decorating your home for your friends and family brings warmth to the celebration. Outdoor decorating in the festive season plays an important role in setting up the festive mood. It embellishes your gardens and yards.
With inexpensive decorating material too, you can make your home or the venue look gorgeous. To make the task simple, try ready-made decorating material for the given festivals, which has multiple uses and can also be stored easily.


Dress up your outdoors with curled ribbons of pastel shades. You can have a easter tree too! You can have some fun paper-mache articles, like easter eggs, on your patio.
Egg holders of different shapes and sizes are a great attraction and an excellent way of doing up your d├ęcor. Get your kids to make some nest like holders for eggs, that can be put on trees. Paint the eggs in vibrant colors to give them an interesting effect.


Making your own Halloween decorations can be simple and fun. You can make some monster footprints on the pathway that leads to your house with a big sponge. The big, hated pumpkins are great decorating material for Halloweens.
With a simple cutter or a kitchen knife you can carve out a jack-o-lantern, out of green pepper pumpkins. Icky cobwebs made of strings will look superb! Dim lighting, all the way to the house, will add to the spooky effect that you've been trying for.


Make your outdoor thanksgiving party, a warm and cozy affair for a cold November evening.
Light up some warm colored candles of deep carmine, maroon and other rustic shades to make your outdoors look stunning.
Centerpieces on the tables, is a significant part of decoration. Colorful hand bunches or simple unicolored hand bunches, go well with the decor. Arrange the flowers in such a way that they are visible from all corners. Keep in mind the light effects while placing the table, centerpieces or any other decor item. 
Try to make your kids participate while decorating for Thanksgiving, as there would be no better way of teaching them the importance of this holiday.


Christmas is a time for celebration in every corner of the world. Instead of starting at the last moment, plan a little in advance. Christmas decorations would mean cleaning your gardens or yards and trimming the lawn and trees.
See to it that the wiring is all safely set to avoid any mishaps due to snow. Light up your garden with colorful lights.
A big Christmas tree in your garden will enhance the look by a million times! Light up the tree too, along with the traditional decorative pieces. You can make some fabulous mistletoes with tulle if you don't want to go in for the regular ones.
There it goes. Suddenly, outdoor decorating is a 'no-brainer'. Making handmade decorations and using households items will bring your budget down substantially. Plan and organize your expenses before you begin decorating.
Getting your kids to help you to decorate the place, can be a good way to begin bonding with them. Wish you happy holidays full of love and laughter!