Open Showers in Bathrooms

Mamta Mule Jan 5, 2019
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Open showers are the latest trends and you surely would love to have one in your bathroom. The well designed and rich interiors of shower area are no longer hidden, hence, they rightly jazz up rest of the bathing space. If you aren't worried about that 'privacy factor' then open showers are the right option for your baths.
Open showers are the 'in thing' in the bathroom designing and many interior designers suggest these to their clients. While the craze of closed showers that come with a privacy element continues, you can find many individuals opting for open showers as well which form the focal point of a bathing space.
The necessity of nicely designing a shower space increases with absence of doors which otherwise keep the interiors hidden for most of the time. The showers in bathrooms are surely an option that you must consider while designing this space.
While you spend a huge amount of money on spicing up this area, why not leave it open and allow it to add a touch of glamor to your simple bathroom? Here's what all designing and decoration you can do while adding open showers.

Shower Design Ideas

Right Layouts

When you opt for an open shower there are two basic things to consider while deciding its entrance. Firstly, you need to consider whether you want to keep the shower open, but partially hide the interiors.
If you want to do so, then just have the shower placed in a corner with a long and tall glass sheet installed besides its entrance so that its interiors are not directly visible from all areas and especially from entrance of the bathroom.
Next, you can just have the shower space designed to look very much a part of the bathroom. Such showers often have three walls with a wide open entrance which makes the entire shower space visible from any part of the bathroom.
Best to add the shower panel over the background wall that is right opposite the shower entrance. Add a towel rod on a side wall and 2-3 corner shelves as well. If possible, have a glass cabinet added to a side wall for placing the shower essentials.

Installing the Essentials

The background wall over which the shower panel is fixed must be well designed to create an appealing effect. A textured look can help. While designing showers without doors you can consider making them look different from the rest of the bathing space.
So an idea for the same is opting for classy pebble inlays for the walls in shower space and having plain tiles for rest of the bathroom. Also, use same tiles in bathroom and shower space, but using dark-colored and more attractive pieces for shower space. Same rule goes for the flooring.
If you wish to blend the shower space with rest of the bathroom, use same set of tiles for entire wall and flooring. A nice rectangular and narrow shower head with controls for adjusting the pressure can be a good pick for this space.

Adding the Rich Effect

Once you have worked on the layout and installed the minimal essential features, it's time to jazz up the space to give it a luxurious feel. To start with, you can add some extra shower nozzles that will give you an enhanced showering experience. Massage jets can be another addition which can be considered if you are not on a tight budget.
Working on the aesthetics to further beautify the space needs no mention. So, decorate the showers without doors to add some artificial hanging flowers to the shower wall. Another idea for decorating open walk-in showers is gracing the window (if any opens in the shower area) with bamboo or decorative blinds that will match with the shower wall.
High quality shower fixtures can instantly give a grand feel to the space. Scented candles can be placed on one of the corner shelves installed inside the shower. Tall copper pots or decorative earthen or porcelain pots can be placed at the entrance of this shower to highlight it in the best way.
Open showers can be designed to look plush and elegant. With these, you need to ensure that the entire bathroom is well designed, neat and tidy. Complementing decor pieces added to the entire space will further help fancify the bathing area.