Open Shower Ideas

Aastha Dogra Nov 17, 2018
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Here are some of the most practical and unique open shower ideas, which will help you create a convenient and stunning bathroom. Have a look...
Open showers are inviting. They are sexy and fun. Unlike in a closed enclosure or a bathtub, a person taking a bath under an open shower, can actually feel the freedom and airiness which one gets to experience while taking a bath in a natural stream or river!
Moreover, it makes a bathroom appear bigger and spacious than it already is. Don't believe? Get an open shower installed in your bathroom and have a first hand experience of the enjoyment and benefits it provides!

Open Shower Design Ideas


First things first, when it comes to an open shower, which is actually a bathroom shower without a door, as it has no demarcation as such, from the rest of the bathroom, it's important that you leave enough space on the floor, so that the water does not move to the entire bathroom floor and make it wet.
Ideally, six and a half feet in all the directions, is what you should keep, when getting an open shower installed. It would make even more sense if the shower is installed in one of the corners.
By doing this, you will have two walls providing a covering from one end, the drain at the base of these walls, in which the water from the shower can flow, thus keeping the rest of your bathroom completely dry.
If you are still worried about the flow of water, use other measures, such as building small walls, about two feet tall, around the shower. Getting a floor constructed in such a way that water tilts towards the drain is an excellent idea. You can install 2 drains, a second one to take care of the water, which does not move on its own, into the first one.


As mentioned here, an open shower is visible from the entire bathroom. This is an opportunity in disguise to decorate it in some flattering designs, which anyone entering the bathroom can savor.
The easiest way to do this is by getting some beautiful tiles fitted in the walls on which the shower is installed. A good idea is to get some patterns made by going in for tiles in two or three different colors.
One thing that you should always aim for, if you want the shower in your bathroom to become its focal point, is to keep the tile colors on the walls behind it in some contrasting color, compared to those in the rest of the bathroom.
If you want to make it really unique, get rock tiles installed on these back walls!
To decorate an open shower further, keep a colorful mat right under the shower. Select the bath mat in accordance with the rest of the bathroom d├ęcor.
Another thing that you can do is to keep a few potted plants around the shower area, so as to separate it from the rest of the bathroom. Plants will surely lend an all together different visual appeal and aura to your bathroom.
To enhance the experience of the shower and to give it a spa-like feel, you can get a few showers installed at strategic points, in consultation with a professional who specializes in this. 
A large rain shower head will further make an open shower bath rejuvenating and relaxing. Lastly, get an adjustable shower, if you want the convenience of taking a bath while sitting or standing, depending upon your mood!
These days, shower panels with all these features, such as, adjustable showers and extra nozzles, are available, so you can go in for these too.
With these ideas, you should be able to get the right feel, comfort and look, that you always wanted for your bathroom. A few tips about open shower - When going in for an open shower, see to it that the bathroom fittings and accessories that you use, do not rust easily.
As an open shower is much more likely to keep them wet than any other kind of shower design, invest in only high quality stuff for your bathroom. Also, preferably, keep the flooring and walls in waterproof materials like stone and tiles, as it will minimize any possible slips!
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