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Office Paint Color Schemes

Office Paint Color Schemes
Office paint colors are no longer restricted till the plain creams and grays. You can find offices all jazzed up with pairs of whites and classy bright colors and unusual combinations. Here are some ideas on office paint color schemes that will help you spruce up the look of your office in the best possible way.
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If you are planning to remodel your office or home office then painting it anew needs no mention. With fresh coats of color on your wall, the space is sure to get a fresh look. Apart from reworking or refinishing the cubicles and other office furniture, deciding the color scheme remains the primary task. After you decide the office paint color schemes, you can accordingly paint or refinish the furniture and furnishings to complement the wall colors. This will ensure that the overall effect is classy. So, wondering what are the best paint color combinations for the interior walls of your office? Scroll down to know more.
Tips on Office Color Schemes
Choosing the Colors
While deciding on the office paint colors you need to keep in mind that it is an office space and not your residence. While bright colors are completely okay for interior painting of your office, the same must be paired with right colors to make a stylish, yet sober looking space. If you follow the latest trend, wall color schemes are fresh, bright and lively.
While choosing shades from that large palette, just remember that the final effect needs to be decent. Colors and combinations that will look elegant are the best picks for your office space. In case of home office you can add that extra bit of dark shades. Colors have a huge impact on our moods and different colors create different moods. So, having an idea of room colors and moods they create is helpful in this project. Colors that create a fresh and lively effect are the best ones to go for. While you spice up the walls, office cabins and conference halls are best to be painted in calm colors, which will balance the impact of darker tones.
Best Color Schemes for Office
Well, you would be eager to know about the best paint colors for office, right? So, here are a few ideas on the same.
White color is the best one to be incorporated in your office interior decor. Whites not only make the area look spacious and reflect light but also give it a plush look. With white walls and white furniture you can create the right ambiance in your office. Well, plain white definitely needs to be spiced up with a nice color. So you can add a hint of gray, chocolate brown or maroon to the space with colored trims, carpet runners and a few more accents of one of these colors to create a classy space.
You can pair dark or medium tone of almost any color with white and have a beautiful looking space. Even the darkest violet can look great for offices when paired with white. A lot of advertising firms look for purple and magenta as perfect colors to deck up the walls. Use white to cover maximum walls and add another shade for focal walls, furniture borders, carpets and other decor pieces.
You can also use beautiful beige and dark shades of brown, which make a soft office paint color scheme. With beige and dark brown walls and natural brown furniture pieces you can have a great looking area. Pairing neutral off-white with browns to have a balanced color scheme is another good idea. Beige and off-white are popular soothing shades used for coloring office walls.
Combinations that you can use to create a contemporary styled office are yellow ocher and gray, olive and off-white, red and lightest gray or gray and lightest yellow. You can also choose to have relaxing color combinations like silver-gray and white or silver-gray and light lavender, gray and soft sage, light blue and white or a modern combo of purple, black and white.
These were some office paint color suggestions that will definitely revamp your office interiors. Using these office paint ideas you can have a great looking workplace. Once you finalize one of the paint color schemes, make sure that you follow it to create a uniformly decorated space. With furnishings and accents added in matching paint colors you can have a perfectly designed office space. No matter, whether you go for a cool combo or crazy contrast, the final effect needs to be 'elegant'.
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