Office Decorating Ideas

Shashank Nakate Nov 28, 2018
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Decorating the workplace where we spend 45-50 hours of the week is a good idea. A pleasant work-environment helps us enjoy the job and also increases productivity.
An office should be a welcoming place which brings out the best in us. A pleasant ambiance definitely helps increase an employee's productivity.
The decorations used to spruce up the office's look need not be expensive and articulate in their appearance; they could be simple items, such as hang-ups inscribed with motivational quotes, sketches, paintings, etc. The objective is to give the workplace a neat and refreshing look.

Useful Office Decorating Ideas

Small tips and ideas, if implemented, could change the ambiance of the office to a great extent. Small changes here and there make a lot of difference to the appearance of the office. Let us have a look at the various items used in decorating office space.


Addition of an aquarium to the office creates a lively atmosphere. There are many different species of fish available in various colors and shapes.
The movement of the fish and the presence of water nearby prevents dullness from creeping in the mind. One can explore his/her creativity while decorating the aquariums too.


A nice way to make the work environment peaceful is the setting up of a fountain, as it has a soothing effect on mind. The soft sound that a fountain produces resembles that of a stream. It acts as a stress buster and revitalizes the mind.


A little bit of greenery in the form of potted shrubs adds to the beauty of the workplace. There are many plants available in the market for office decoration. Make sure that the plant gets enough light to grow.


These are commonly used office decor. One should be careful while selecting the frames, as they exhibit the aesthetic sense of those who choose them. Everything at the workplace decor should have a calming effect and should not distract the person.


Personally designed and crafted artworks give a customized look to the workplace. It is alright to buy artworks from the market, however, handmade artworks give a sense of satisfaction. Moreover, the employee develops an affection for the workplace.

Furniture Arrangement

Place the furniture at the reception in a circular manner. It reduces the awkwardness associated with the waiting areas and it generates the positive energy.

Computer Cart

A computer cart can add comfort to the workplace. Being a mobile furniture item, it does not pose problems in the movement. It also provides the user with different accessories, such as the CPU shelf, keyboard pullout, bookshelf, etc.

Shape of Desks

An L-shaped desk gives more comfort in the available space than any other arrangement. One arm of the L-shaped table can be used for placing the files and papers, while the other for the computer.


The chairs used in the office should be designed ergonomically, as an employee spends a considerable amount of time of the day in it. The chairs should provide comfort, as well as help in maintaining the right body posture.
The workplace decoration, like any other activity, requires creativity and proper planning. The basic things one needs to keep in mind before decorating the office are the comfort of the employee and ample space for movement. A bit of creativity and a little hard work is all that is needed for this.