Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

Bidisha Mukherjee Dec 5, 2018
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Nursery wall decor ideas can be made interesting with the help of some unique creative imagination of your own. These ideas will help you to get the most suitable designs and styles for your child's room.
Traditionally, nursery wall decor is based upon certain themes. Usually, these themes are different for baby boys and baby girls. While for the girls, fairies, starry nights, etc. are more suitable, for the boys, sports, wild animals, cowboys, etc., are the more preferred ones.
Today, more and more young moms are looking for ideas that give a cute look to the nursery of their toddler. Instead of getting confined to a specific theme, they want their sense of style to get reflected in the room.


Painting the nursery walls is the easiest way to add freshness to the room. You can select one single color or a combination of colors. Different colors give a vibrant look to the room.
Special effects can be made with paints by creating stripes or blocks combining two colors. For a personalized touch, borders can be created with a paint which is different from the color of the main walls. It gives the place a framed look which is helpful in decorating further with the help of stencils or murals.


Stencils are cutouts of some designs which need to be fixed on the walls, and the hollow spaces have to be filled up with color of your choice in order to get the design. To paint the stencils, special stencil paint and brushes that are available in the market should be used to get the desired effect.
The figures that are most commonly chosen for this purpose are colorful balloons, stars of various sizes, different types of flowers, rainbows, and so on. You can also use stencils for making letters. Use large alphabet sizes and fill them with attractive colors. This will make the experience of learning alphabets for your toddlers full of fun.
If your child is slightly grown up and has started reading, then you can write his or her name using stencils, and they love it when they see their names on the walls.


The use of attractive murals are one of the best ideas which can enhance the look of the newly painted walls. A mural is nothing but a painting that covers most part of the wall. They are available in the market in the form of a mural kit which you can directly hang on the wall. You can make your own permanent murals using paint and stencils.


There is a lot of scope to experiment when it comes to use of decorative items on the walls. You can arrange a large number of beautiful greeting cards all over the place. Kids love to see pictures of puppies and birds.
You can collect all such photographs from the old calendars or old books of children, cut them according to the shape of the picture and frame it up. Your little one will definitely love those pictures. You can frame up some of the photographs of your child and use them in the same way.
Stickers containing the pictures of their favorite cartoon characters is something most of the kids love. You can utilize the shelves for putting up toys like stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, trains, building sets, etc.
Creating a beautiful nursery for a child is like a dream for most young moms. Implementing one or more of these nursery wall decor ideas is not that tough, provided you have made a proper planning beforehand. You will find that the entire process very exciting, and the end result quite fulfilling.
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