Nursery Wall Decals

Rutuja Jathar Dec 5, 2018
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Nursery wall decals are a great and quick way to decorate a baby's room. Read on to know all about them.
Baby room is one of the most precious rooms in a house that holds equal importance in everyone's life. It is the place where the kid will be spending most of his/her time, hence it must always sport a happy, peaceful, and pleasant atmosphere. Decorating a baby room requires a great deal of planning and innovation.
There are professional interior decorators for help, but nothing can compare the satisfaction that you get in decorating the room on your own. Talking about baby room decoration, its walls cannot be missed. Unique wall painting ideas really give the nursery a dream look that your baby will love and adore.

Nursery Wall Decals

The pre-designed wall decoration items available at reasonable prices is the only quick way to decorate the nursery when you are running out of resources.
The wall art stickers will certainly help you in deciding your unique baby room theme idea and will enhance the glamor of the nursery at the same time. In other words, these are the wall stickers that can be removed at the convenience of the user.
This great thing about wall stickers makes them more special. Nursery does require such flexibility, as the interior decoration needs to be changed from time to time as the baby gets older from infant to toddler.
There are basically two types of wall decals available today, viz., self-stick wall decals and pre-pasted wallpaper cutouts. Both these types actually come in a nursery theme kit, and have got amazing varieties in graphic, shapes, sizes, and prices too. They are a great way in today's do-it-yourself home decoration era.

Self-Stick Wall Decals

These are normally the removable sort of decals that can also be repositioned. To reposition, one only has to stick these decals on a plain, smooth, and clean surface of the wall as well as kids' furniture articles.
The self stick decals are typically made of vinyl or any kind of a coated material, which makes them more durable. For better results, always test apply a small-sized decal and make sure it is really self stick type.

Pre-Pasted Nursery Wall Decals

These are cutouts of the wallpapers that are actually vinyl-coated wall appliques.
These decals do not require measuring and cutting, hence they are easy to handle. All that they need is a little bit of water or a damp piece of cloth that easily activates the glue of the decals. Now, all one has to do is to stick them on a clean and smooth nursery wall.
You can also stick decals on tiles, lampshades, walls, doors, trash baskets, and other furniture articles. They are an easy option for the wall murals of the nursery. They can greatly serve the purpose of nursery decoration ideas on a budget.


Wall decals for nursery are easily available in the home improvement stores, and they are cheap beyond one's imagination.
They are available in the form of wall murals or wall borders that are available in baby themes like, polka dots, trains, toys, cartoons, sports, flowers, rivers, oceans, etc. Growth charts are also the latest buzz regarding these decals.
You can also apply the ones that have cute sayings and good thoughts of great people that can also prove to be a good lesson for your baby. There are several digital wall decals that make baby-friendly sounds when you press them. All these things are basically very fascinating, as far as the babies are concerned.
The greatest advantage is that they are extremely easy to remove. So if you change your mind, you can remove them at ease.
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