Baby Girl Nursery Decorating Ideas

Marian K Dec 14, 2018
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The best nursery ideas are the ones 'you' come up with. With a little research and some creativity, you can make a beautiful one for your baby girl.
Most parents-to-be revel in preparing for the arrival of their little bundle of joy. One of the most significant parts of this process is to set up a nursery. While one habitually thinks about pink and lace, there are many contemporary ideas that deviate from this traditional manner of decoration.
While designing your baby girl's, you need to think of both, convenience and aesthetic appeal. Cost is another important factor, for this little person will have many more needs. Taking all these factors into consideration, here are some ideas that you may like.
The essentials of every nursery are a crib, which meets safety standards, a changing table, and plenty of storage space. It is a good idea to hang a mobile toy over the crib as it can keep your baby occupied for hours at end.
Ideally, the room should have soft night-light, which will not disturb your baby while she sleeps, but allows you to comfortably move around. You can also consider getting a glider, which is a safer alternative to a rocking chair.
While decorating this room, remember that almost every item in it can be incorporated to constitute the theme. Remember to include the crib, furniture, cabinet color, knickknacks, and the photos into the theme.


There are many ways of going about decorating your baby's room. One way to create a striking visual impact is with bright-colored paint. By painting the walls with a color like lime green, powder blue, or baby pink, you can instantly dress up a room.
As for the cost, a decent grade of paint costs about USD 30 per gallon and you may need about two gallons for two coats. Add or hang decorations, motifs, murals, posters and toys onto your brightly colored walls to complete the look. This way you can easily change the look of the room without any major renovation.


Other intrinsic part of nursery decor are the fabrics you use. The drapes you use on the windows can greatly enhance the look of the room. One technique you can use is: two different colored drapes on one window.
For example, in a pink room, on each window, use heavy dust pink curtains as borders to light gold ones. Add an interesting rug such as a bright furry one to give a touch of quirkiness to the room. You can also add hand embroidered pieces to the wall.


While conventional nursery themes of flowers and castles dominate most magazines and books, it is time to think out of the box. Modern ideas for decoration include a French-themed one, with blue and green horizontal stripes on the walls, shocking pink lush bed covers, and a toilet chair.
One of the favorites of many is an underwater theme, with walls of aquamarine and exotic fish and underwater vegetation painted on them. Use similar colors around the room, as well as shell and starfish decorations.


The fairyland theme is another good nursery decoration idea. Many would have loved to have a room with fairies on the walls and elves hiding behind toadstools.
If, at any point, you find yourself running out of ideas, a quick-read through almost any of Enid Blyton's wonderfully imaginative books should leave you with many. If you can't afford a painted mural, just keep the walls a pleasant shade of blue and add cut outs of fairies, flowers, magic wands, etc.
Other nursery ideas for girls are the much used and loved princess theme, Winnie the pooh, ballerina theme, Fairytale characters, etc. Cute ones can be peas in a pod or Noah's ark with two of each animal.
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