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Ideas for No-Sew Curtains

Saptakee Sengupta Jun 18, 2019
Giving your home decor a different look by opting for curtains without stitching them is not a bad idea. The following information helps tells you how to go about it.
Making your own curtains is not only creative, but also cost-effective. You can customize them and decorate your home according to your choice. 
You need to design the curtain, take accurate measurements and then, just hang it at the right place. Isn't is easy? Most important of all, you have to exploit your innovative skills and have a good collection of fabric in stock.


► Take measurements of your window or door where the curtain should be placed with a measuring tape.
► Cut the fabric to the desired length and breadth. Leave two to four inches for the curtain pocket or few inches for extra finished hem as per your choice.
► Now take a fusible tape and spread it all over the fabric. Make sure the fabric is left free for about 2 to 4 inches from the top for easy hanging of the curtain.

► Take the remaining fabric from above the tape, fold it and attach to tape.

► Now place the curtain on an ironing board and iron it to smoothen the crease.

► Now you can hang the curtain on a rod.

Some More Ideas

► You can make the curtain and clip it on the hanging rod with the help of clip rings.

► Attach buttons at the top and lock them with the hanging rod. Thread a fine wire or ribbon and connect them to the loops of the curtain. The buttons give a good support to the curtain.
► Buy grommet kits from fabric stores and slip them over wall hooks. Attach with the curtain lops and hang it. It looks very simple and sophisticated.

► Make long loops with beaded links. Cut equal lengths of a cord, tie it with grommets and hide the knot from behind.
► Buy matching rayon coils and poke a hole through the top of the curtain. Now tie this with the wall hooks.

► For gorgeous satin silk curtains, you need some extra fabric. Create a channel at the top of the fabric. Thread a narrow pole through it. The extra fabric creates case of pleats that look gorgeous.
► Punch an eyelet and thread a wire through it and hang the curtain. Eyelet kits are available in the market.

► Bondaweb curtains with bundles of pleats and embellishments look rather chic. If you know the art of embroidery, just design yourself.


Fabric for these curtains is available in different designs in fabric houses.
It can be simple cotton or a fine silk. You can choose drapery fabric or upholstery fabric. Super satin silk looks extremely gorgeous, whereas simple cotton with frills look very neat. Designs like striped, floral, sheer, plaid, and checkered fabrics with multicolors are a favorite during summer. Velvet and faux silk curtains look dazzling.