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Nice Room Designs

Medha Godbole Dec 17, 2018
There is absolutely no dearth of designs for your room if you have an eye for detail and aesthetics.
Tired of your old boring room and looking for a makeover? Well, that is a fabulous idea! If you have not done any changes for quite some time, may be it is the right time to brace yourselves and go in for a change, what say? In case you were short of some nice designs, may be here is something you might want to use.

Some Good Designs

► Okay, this is out-and-out yankee, although country style. Presenting to you the typical American country style design for your room. Spongeware, classic blue and white combination, and a touch of rustic element can complete the look.
Antique pieces, old style wooden chairs, folk art pieces and a few other decoration ideas will add to the country decor and ambiance.
► If you think country style and design is not to your taste, may be you can have a bedroom designed in an uber cool and chic fashion. A shelf on a side, with the bed in the middle, overlooking a big window and carpet down below. How about this for a contemporary look?
No antiques, may be a lamp at your bed side and headboard adjoining your bed to keep you bed time things. No frills, only plain wooden floor and a lovely airy space. Have a light color to go with the decor and the overall look. It will be an absolutely amazing design!
► Love the sea, sand and sun-kissed beaches? But don't live in the vicinity of a beach? What can you do? Get the beach to your bedroom! To start off and to get the basics there, use paint colors matching the ones on a beach. Pastel blue, white, sandy tans, soft yellow and white are perfect.
For furniture, have cabinets and a headboard made of wood. If you want to highlight that grainy texture of wood, give a coat of antique finished white paint. Glass bowls filled with sand and topped with seashells will add a distinct character to the room. A bulb casting a golden glow all over the room would be just splendid to create a beach sunset effect!
► Another nice bedroom design is the Gothic style. They are unique and strikingly different. Colors make a major impact, so consider using black, red, charcoal, silver, gold, burgundy and purple for walls, furniture and accessories. This can easily be considered amongst a host of design ideas for small bedrooms.
Shelves or cabinets can be covered with dark embroidered velvet and use candles, lanterns and skull imagery to impart the typical Gothic touch.
► If you are interested in sun signs, zodiac, astrology, you can have a bedroom based on your sun sign and its characteristics. If you are a Taurean, have more of strong and durable furniture, but at the same time luxurious and comfortable. Give a 'bullish' look to the room.
There is hardly any scope for dainty things if you see a Taurus personality. Still, you cannot avoid the touch of class. The best part is even though your sun sign is the theme, you can incorporate rustic as well as bohemian modern and urbane elements in that, using some modern decorating ideas.
To make your palate more colorful apart from the bedroom design ideas, you can also think of a black and white design, a Moroccan design, a tiki, or even an Asian style room. These are really cool bedroom designs to ponder over.
The design of the room is the reflection of your personality and what you consider as cozy and welcoming! So, let the design of the room reflect YOU! All the best!