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Nautical Decorations for a Party

Marlene Alphonse Feb 28, 2019
Nautical themes for parties are a craze these days and many people are opting for this while throwing a party. Here are some wonderful ideas on nautical decorations for a party, which you can implement.
Summer's already made its entry and people are flocking to each others homes to celebrate this season with oodles of cool drinks, food and fun. The main aspect to bring on the mood of any party is to create unique, fun filled themes. To match the summery mood, nautical decorations for a party are doing their rounds these days.
Normally based on the marine theme, you can plan the nautical decor ideas accordingly. So, if you are planning to host a party and have decided on the nautical theme, then here are a few ideas. Using them, you can make the beach come alive in your room, if you are living away from the sea.

Nautical Decorating Ideas for a Party

Nautical party decorations should be one that matches the mood and purpose of the party. Precise planning and implementation of the same should help you in hosting a successful party and you getting labeled as the best host. Here are some ideas for nautical themed party decorations, which you can use for your party at home.

Wall Decor

The decoration of the room where you are planning to hold the party should be similar to that of a ship's cabin or deck. You can transform the room to resemble a ship's cabin by using some nautical party supplies, which you can purchase from stores or can even make at home.
Use a fishing net to cover the walls of the room. The net can also have some 'fish' and other sea life caught in them. Sea helms and life preservers can also be hung from the walls to decorate them.

Seating Arrangement

The furniture can be deck chairs with a table placed around the room in groups. You can also create lifeboat like structures around the chairs for a complete ship feeling. These lifeboats can be made out of card paper and painted with motifs of the marine life on it.
Buy plastic or paper nautical flags and place them at the center of each table. Sprinkle sand and place a model of a sea animal like a lobster, crab, squids, etc. on each table.

Welcoming the Guests

For the entrance, you can stick banners with nautical phraseology on the door posts. A single conch shell in the middle can also be hung as a decorative piece. You can also have an effigy of a mean, one eyed pirate with a parrot on his shoulder.
Place this effigy at the entrance of your house to welcome your guests. Since the theme is maritime, the guests can come dressed up as sailors or pirates.

Central Attraction

For the centerpiece, you can have a large whale model, or miniature versions of ships and lighthouses, placed at the center table.
For a sophisticated feel, light a votive candle in the center and place glass jars filled with sand and beautifully colored seashells around it. Seahorses, oysters and other shellfish can also be kept to add to the maritime feel.

Dish it Up

Food is an integral part of every party, so how can we leave it out in this one. Serve food in specially shaped plates.
You can use boat shaped serving plates, having motifs of the rudder, floating tubes etc. The menu will naturally be seafood. Appetizers can be shaped like shells, floaters and rudders and other nautical objects. Drinks can be served in large mugs and glasses.
Giving out nautical party favors, goodies shaped like compasses, shells and other instruments used by seamen in goody bags is also a cool idea to enhance the mood of your nautical party. Have fun!