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Nautical Decorations for a Home

Naomi Sarah Mar 14, 2019
Are you a man / woman of the sea? Do you find yourself collecting marine-esque knickknacks every chance you get? Find out here how to decorate your home using elements of the sea, without going overboard while you revamp your space...
Do you remember walking into an expansive apartment which looked like an old English woman stayed there and had floral prints and contrasting paint colors that were subdued yet not keeping up with the times. Everything in it from the furniture to the showpieces, went against the entire home's set up.
You must have also noticed that the one thing that did stand out quite boldly was a center table with a smooth finished solid (possibly marble) that had three dolphins bathed in seaform color, standing back-to-back while the table's flat top balanced on their snouts.
It was hideous to say the least. They probably should have gone with something more subtle like woodwork and engraved dolphins, and not something out of Alice in Wonderland.
You don't want to choke your home with everything nautical-esque since that would take away its homey essence and be more like a tavern going with a maritime theme. You want it to be noticeable but not too noticeable, where these should take up enough room for one to stand back and admire, and not have digest so much at a time.

How to Decorate Your Crib

When putting up items in your home, you need to gauge whether putting it in a certain area would seem apt or out-of-place.
Don't pick out items at random to place in your home for the heck of it; put some extra thought into these nautical decor ideas and have things scattered mindfully. Knowing how to stand back and take a good look at a wall space or corner and asking yourself if something should go there, is important to make a home look good.


A helm is the steering wheel of the ship, and is probably a work of art if nothing else. It was designed in such a way where the handles were large enough to steer something as powerful as a ship, making it convenient when guiding its bulky frame. Very antique-y and extremely aged in its woodwork, a helm is a great piece of work to put up in the living room.
You can center it above a mantle, or above a sofa set that places itself against a centered wall space, making it more noticeable and well placed. Getting either a medium-sized or large helm, would suit your living space well since it takes up a good chunk of wall area for guests and others to admire.

Bow of the Ship

The outward bow portion of a ship would make for a great bar top table if you have one in your home, or if you're thinking of setting one up. You can build it in such a way where the bow sticks out with the top flattened, for you to place your drinks and other items like say a lantern with a large seashell to one side.
Place this bow structure strategically to one corner of your home especially if it a spacious apartment. You can also have a swinging forward bow that is lightweight, which you can easily push forward before entering your bar space.

Anchor Door Knockers

Get creative and place an anchor outside the main door of your apartment/house. You can get these in all sorts of solids like bronze, stainless steel or wood.
Why not have a store make one for you so that you can personalize its look and maybe include some engraved work like the household family name or a little welcome message for others to see. Choose a size that isn't too large so that it doesn't overpower the outside your door.


How cool would it be to have stairs that looked like the ones used in ships when seamen would go to the upper deck or trudge down to the lower deck?
If you have a basement then this would be a pretty neat way of making the outside look like the entrance of a companionway, while you then lower the stairs to make your way downward. You could also get creative and do this for an overhead basement using the same structure, but with a folding staircase.


Have some marine showpieces that speak of the sea. If you have nice shelves running along the bedroom wall or in the living room, you can place these randomly about among your books.
Seamen, little sailors, seashells, pirates, mermaids, a whale or the infamous ship in a bottle can be your choicest showpiece types. Place these little showpieces in clusters that are spread out and also not overdone in quantity. Spread it around the house or use it as a centerpiece for the dining or center table.
Make sure they're either woodwork or colored detailed showpieces that don't chip away or look artificial. Going with a more realistic feel makes a home look much more pleasing to one's eye.


You could always go with paintings that show imagery of a pirate ship or a beach crowded with seamen and rugged pirates. Anything that you find marine like in nature can go up as a painting. Just be sure that you place these in your home in a way that doesn't let it clash with something else.
For instance, if you go with a large painting, then having it placed in the center of a room like above the bed or on the sides of a corridor leading to another room or the highlight of your living room, should be your prime focus.
Go for oil paintings that are either real or lookalikes, which again is an eye pleaser.


Ships have more browns and whites when it comes to colors, working more with a woody look than anything else.
If you want brighter shades go with aquamarine for the bedrooms and use something more toned down for the living room and kitchen area. Stick to warm colors and light shades of blue, green and hues of brown and cream.
Wallpaper showing ship related imagery should be directed to the kids' rooms, or you could get wallpaper resembling wooden planks and place these in your living room or kitchen. Sticking to realistic and believable colors and textures is what makes it beautiful and more lifelike.
Nautical decorations that you finally pick out for your home should be woodwork more than anything else. These nautical d├ęcor ideas for home should help you pick out great items and furniture pieces to spruce up your living space. Don't clutter your home with marine items, but have a plan that works wonders for your nautical inspired home.