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Mudroom Ideas

Kundan Pandey Nov 7, 2018
Mudrooms are one of the most neglected aspects of a housing plan. Here are some pointers on making this room better and more user-friendly.
If you focus on their interior designing aspect, you'll realize that an appealing and functional mudroom can add quality to your home designing. Besides that, you'll be able to create a dirt free and hygienic space inside your house. Mudrooms are halls or spacious rooms that act as a barrier between the interior and exterior of a house.
Mudroom is the vestibule portion of your house and this concept is mostly popular in rainy areas that are mostly wet throughout the year. In the mudroom, you store shoes, raincoats, clothes for laundry, spare clothes, bags, hanging coats, etc.


It's needless to say that creative ideas can change the way you look at your mudroom. Here is some information about the same.

Increase the Number of Lockers

A room with many lockers, each meant for specific purpose can give a mudroom a very clean look. And besides that, you'll be able to organize it effectively. All items that you keep in it can be individually organized and arranged in the closet.
Wooden lockers that must be moisture resistant and spacious can be embedded into the walls of the room or lockers that are movable can also be designed. Visit a furniture shop and have a look at some good lockers.

Work on the Exteriors

After you've ensured a place for lockers and you're ready with a layout, give a thought over the exteriors of the room. The floor, the ceiling treatment, paint and window seat of the room are important in giving your mudroom a cool look.


For effective organization, you need to arrange various closets and maintain the room in a proper way.

Place the Closet Properly

Without a proper closet, it will look incomplete. Use various ideas to make more space like using bi-fold closet doors, movable closets, etc. If your closet is movable, it must be kept near the exterior of the mudroom. That will ensure that family members can easily store shoes and hanging coats. And there will be space in the room to arrange other things.

Use Hooks and Benches

Keeping spare benches of your house in mudroom gives you some space to keep bags. Also, it can serve the purpose for sitting and taking the shoes and boots off. Hooks enhance the beauty and you can use them to easily hang coats.

Laundry Room

You can arrange suitable place for laundry in the mudroom. This will help you to declutter the inside of your house as all unwashed clothes can be collected at one place.
Hopefully, through this information, you must have got some good ideas on housekeeping. By applying the ideas, you can effectively use your mudroom space.