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Mosaic Tile Patterns

Madhura Pandit Mar 14, 2019
Using mosaic patterns is one of the most creative and beautiful ideas for home decoration. If you have considered doing it, here are some designs and ideas for you.
Mosaic is a form of art where a single wholesome picture is made using tiny or unequal bits and pieces of tiles or glass.
Although in earlier times it was used only for decorative purposes at restaurants and museums, these days it is commonly found even in homes. If you take a look at the history of mosaic art, you will find that it has been popular since ancient times.

Mosaic Tile Designs

Mosaic art/murals made using any type of material. Usually, it is made of stone, glass, pebbles, tiles, and ceramic tiles.There is a wide scope for the creativity with respect to color combination.
A mosaic pattern made in a multitude of colors is also popular these days. This type of pattern can be made in showers, dressing rooms, or even in modern living rooms.
Mosaic backsplashes and wall pieces are also very popular due to their attractive appearance. A mosaic is easy to clean, doesn't get stained easily, and hence, is easy to maintain.
Similarly, you can consider going for mosaic floor tiles in your bedroom to add more color and style.
A mosaic floor is definitely different from the regular tile patterns available in the market. Mosaic designs are also sometimes made on coffee tables to create a unique look. One of its many advantages is that you neither need to wax or polish your table (as in wood table) nor bother about it wearing off.
You can be creative and create a pattern that you like, right from abstract patterns to pictures of your choice. Secondly, you also have a free rein on the size and shape of the mosaic: it can be rectangular, square, circular, etc.
This can be a wonderful DIY activity. If not, you can get a mural made by professionals. Just take your pick and contact them immediately. Good luck!