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Mosaic Kitchen Backsplashes

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplashes That You Can Consider to Install

If you are looking for decorative and ornate backsplashes for kitchen, then you can consider going for glass or mosaic. Here are ideas for mosaic backsplashes that can be considered.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019
You must have decided on the perfect countertop and cabinet pattern for your kitchen. You must also have decided on the perfect color combination for the walls and the flooring.
Although it is a lot easy to choose and install tiles in the rest of the kitchen, you often get stuck as to what kind of tiles are suitable for a backsplash? This is one area in the kitchen that is exposed to spills, vapor, etc. Among all the kitchen backsplash ideas, creating a mosaic is one of the best options today.
Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic
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Although having the same tile as that on the entire wall is a common and preferable backsplash idea, you can go for the mosaic pattern if you wish to create a unique look. A mosaic pattern appears dramatic and attractive.
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Variety of tiles can be used for creating mosaic backsplashes for kitchens. One of the advantages of mosaic backsplashes is that they are easy to clean and maintain.
When exposed to spills they are less likely to discolor than ordinary or plain tiles. Secondly, you have a choice in tiles, shapes, colors, to be used for the mosaic. As the backsplash is limited to a fairly smaller area, you can limit your art and creativity, without creating a gaudy pattern in the entire kitchen.
Mosaic Backsplash Ideas
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As aforementioned, any type of tile can be used to create a mosaic. However, glass tiles are considered as the best and most efficient ones found in the market today. They are available in all colors and so, you will get what you want.
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As you have a wide choice of colors, your creativity in creating the mosaic will know no bounds. Secondly, glass tiles do not absorb any liquids, spills, etc., and hence, are more durable than their other counterparts. Glass tile backsplash is also easy to clean and maintain.
The only disadvantage or drawback associated with this option is that the professional installation cost can be higher as compared to other tiles. Secondly, these tiles are more susceptible to breakage than the other varieties.
Seamless White Ceramic Tile
On the other hand, you can go for ceramic tiles as they have the similar advantages as that of glass tiles.
They are also available in different colors and can be used to make interesting and attractive backsplash tile designs. Secondly, porcelain and granite tiles can also be considered. All these tiles are as durable as glass tiles, but require sealing.
Now, if you are looking for backsplashes other than mosaic variety, then hammered backsplash is a good option. Secondly, if you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to clean, and durable backsplash, then you can go for stainless steel kitchen backsplash. Although not very attractive, it is more feasible and easy to install.
Mosaic backsplashes suit any kitchen type and theme, like modern kitchen, traditional and classical kitchens, Mediterranean or country style kitchens. Therefore, investing in them and installing them is a good alternative. So, you might as well think of going for it. Good luck!