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Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Modern Window Treatment Ideas
One very good way to update the look of your home is by changing the window treatment. Modern window treatment is all about use of flowy fabrics and minimalistic designs.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2019
The right window treatment can liven up even the simplest room and make it look classic and elegant. Window treatment should complement the style of home décor you have in your home and at the same time keep up with the current trends.
Curtains, drapes and blinds can give a polished and cohesive look to any room, and in some rooms it can even become the focal point. If you are looking for an easy way to transform the look and ambiance of your home, without spending your entire savings, then just updating the window treatment will do the trick.
If you love a modern minimalistic décor and are aiming to create this look in your living room or bedroom, then there are many modern window treatment ideas that you can choose from. Whether it is curtains, shades, blinds or valances, there is a window treatment idea that can enhance the look of your home and give it a contemporary and edgy appearance.
Modern Window Treatments
When you are thinking of decorating a room in a modern and contemporary décor, you have to remember that "less is more". Busy prints in gaudy colors, too much frills and excessive use of ornate tassels are to be strictly avoided. The idea here is to opt for restrained and classy window treatment that gives the room a cohesive look.
But that does not mean that you shun printed curtain fabrics altogether. Curtain fabrics with modern geometrical prints in trendy colors like olive, aubergine, gray and burnt orange looks really good. Let's take a look at some of the best modern treatment ideas that are in vogue.
Curtains and Drapes
Light shining through windows and cream colored curtains
There is nothing to beat the versatility and elegance of curtains and draperies. If you thought that curtains are reserved only for traditional style home décor, then you couldn't be more wrong.
Curtains for a contemporary décor should be in light fabrics like cotton, linen, organza, toile and cotton blend. Avoid fabrics like velvet, heavy silks and raw silks as it gives the room a formal and traditional ambiance.
The colors for the curtain fabric should echo that of the furniture or the walls, although you should avoid choosing exactly the same color of curtains as the furniture or walls of the room. Choose curtains in colors within the same color family as the walls and furniture to create the contemporary look that you are aiming for.
If your home is done up in neutral colors, then choosing drapes in one single eye-popping color like orange, mint green or fuchsia will give the room a contemporary ambiance. If you choose curtains in vivid colors for your room, then make sure that one or two accessories of the room, say a lampshade or a statement chair are in a similar hue.
Wooden and Bamboo Blinds
Interior with Chair
Blinds as window treatments are a great option for a modern home, it gives the room an airy,  spacious look. The unfussy style of wooden blinds combined with its natural color, texture, makes a great choice.
If your home is decorated with chrome and steel fittings with low slung furniture in clean straight lines, then the window treatment should be such that it gels with this décor. Wooden blinds, both vertical and horizontal, are a great option and the best thing about them is that it is available in a lot of different finishes, colors and textures.
Choose light-colored wooden blinds if your furniture is upholstered in darker shades and dark-colored wooden blinds, if your furniture is done up in softer shades. This balances the décor of the room and creates a harmonious look.
Bamboo blinds are also a great choice for a modern room and you can choose from narrow slat like designs to the more popular matchstick bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds that come with fabric binding along its perimeter are ideal to give a room a natural, modern and sophisticated look.
The earthiness of both bamboo blinds and wooden blinds contrasts well with a minimalistic décor and gives the room warmth and coziness.
Double Window Treatment
Translucent curtain window
Another modern window treatment idea is to use double window treatment. You must be wondering what it is? When two different window treatment styles are used together on the same window(s) it is known as double window treatment.
So you can use a combination of window treatment styles like roller shades along with draperies. This softens the look of the room as using shades alone can give the room a stark and clinical look. Use fabric shades in pastel or neutral colors on the windows and then layer them with sheer draperies with a bold pattern.
Make sure that the design and pattern of the draperies matches the overall décor of the room. This is also a very practical and functional window treatment idea, since the sheer draperies can be used when you want light to filter through the room and the fabric shades can be used for privacy.
Modern window treatment is all about creating a neat and refined ambiance in your home, that looks casually chic. Use of natural fabrics, edgy prints and patterns, earthy window blinds are some of the hallmarks of modern window treatments.