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Modern Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Modern Contemporary Interior Design Ideas
Knowing about modern contemporary interior design is vital if you want to design your home in this style. If you like a minimalistic design in interiors, then this style will definitely suit you.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Dec 05, 2018
When you are decorating the interiors of your house, you might have some definite ideas about which type of design you would like. There are many styles of decorating the interiors of a home, and what you choose would depend upon your design sensibility and personality. A vivacious and romantic person might like something Victorian and flamboyant.
While a modern and edgy approach in interior decorating is more suitable for a person who loves clean lines and minimalistic classy designs. When we talk about modern contemporary interior design, we immediately think of restrained application of color, minimalistic furniture and monochromatic color schemes.
Although no doubt, modern contemporary design includes all of the aforementioned designs, there is lot more to it than that. Here we will give you some ideas on modern contemporary interior design that will help you to create a living space which is classic and timeless.
Modern Contemporary Interior Design
So what is modern contemporary interior design? Modern contemporary interior design can be defined as a completely new method of interior decoration that involves judicious use of colors, clean straight lines in furniture and of course, restrained use of decorative items.
This type of interior design has often, though not always, symmetrical design elements that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Materials that are eco-friendly like jute, jute mix, bamboo and cane are also used extensively in modern interior designs.
Many people wrongly assume that in modern contemporary interior designs, the color palette of a room is stark and almost sterile with predominantly neutral shades. But that is far from the truth. Warm, earthy colors and even bright neon colors are used in small bursts to provide visual interest to the room.
Furniture used in decorating a modern and contemporary room is always very simple yet breathtaking in design. Overly ornate, Victorian or Edwardian furniture or even antique furniture is almost never used for modern contemporary interior design.
Modern furniture with clean and straight lines with use of materials like steel and chrome interspersed with wood are highly effective. Upholstery selection, be it for furnishings like sofa covers or curtains and drapes are either in one color or in geometric patterns. Kitschy, small floral or busy prints are not used in modern contemporary interior design.
Ideas for Modern Contemporary Interior Design for Home
When you have decided to design and decorate your home in a contemporary design, you should have some good modern interior design ideas. For the bedroom, go with a monochromatic color room that will help to give the bedroom a spacious look. Black and white bedroom designs are ideal for a modern contemporary bedroom.
Furniture like bed and dresser should not be too large and the designs should be simple. A low wooden bed without any carvings or decorations is ideal for a contemporary bedroom. A headboard in some luxurious fabric like Jacquard or taffeta in jewel tones will give the bedroom an edgy and classy look.
Contemporary bedroom in a loft
Make sure that you keep the bedroom uncluttered by not over decorating it with too many accessories. The dressers should only have a modern table lamp and one decorative artifact. Modern bedroom decorating ideas like a big abstract painting in vibrant colors of electric blue, crimson and yellow would also look very good.
living room in contemporary style apartment
Ideas for modern interior design for the living room should include contemporary living room furniture that is arranged in clusters.
Sleek sideboards and coffee tables, center tables with steel moldings, modular sofas, contemporary lighting sources like floor lamps and abstract paintings are components that can give the decor a modern vibe. Sofas in pure and pristine white, which can be jazzed up with colorful cushions are also great modern living room interior design ideas.
A suspended modern fireplace in the living room will not only keep you warm and cozy, but will also give the living room a dramatic appeal. Remember that the space should never look cluttered or small.
Use of glass as well as mirrors, visually makes a room appear more spacious and airy which is what modern interior design is all about. Always remember that less is more while decorating the living room in modern and contemporary interior design style.