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Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Design
Here are guidelines on modern bathroom design that will help you decorate a small or large bathroom, making it look contemporary and inviting.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018
If you wish to decorate a bathroom space into a modern-looking space, then it would be good to understand some principles used in the contemporary bathroom design.
Today, bathrooms reflect a space which is brightly lit, has clean but bold lines, and has minimum decor with the use of lot of whites. Use these tips and tricks to give a modern and elegant look to your bathroom.
Use Clean Lines
Master Bathroom
Lines play a significant role in a bathroom decor. Consider the outer shape of the bathroom countertop, mirror, windows, etc., to match their lines with each other. Avoid any wavy outer lines, as they don't reflect the modern design.
When it comes to selecting lines you can pick or emphasize on straight horizontal lines or ovals. The horizontal straight lines will give a bold and clean look, while picking or incorporating oval shapes in the bathroom will give a harmonious more subtler look.
You can go with a rectangular countertop, a square or rectangular sink, large horizontal mirror, etc., to add straight horizontal lines to your bathroom. If you wish to go with the oval shapes, then align a oval-shaped window sill, mirror, bathtub, curved countertop, etc., to match this scheme.
Use of Colors
Interior of Modern bathroom
Try to be minimalistic, when it comes to color. Go with two color schemes and pick white and any other color for modern small bathrooms.
For example light aqua with white, white with green bamboo plants, white walls with wooden elements, white with soft green paint, etc. If you have a large bathroom then go with some darker shades, you can go with grays, blacks, reds, purples, etc., to decorate a large modern bathroom.
Avoid using any patterns if you have a small bathroom, as this might close up the space. However, if you have a medium-sized or large-sized bathroom, then you can consider painting ceiling or one of the walls with some designs or use tiles which have designs on them.
Bathroom interior
Lighting plays a very important role in giving small bathrooms a spacious feel. Ceiling white lights work best for bathroom lighting. To open up a small space you can keep few light fixtures like a small lamp on the countertop.
If you have a large bathroom, then you can install small ceiling lights of any particular color and add few colored light fixtures to add to the ambiance. To increase the amount of natural light in the bathroom, you can consider installing a skylight.
Less is More
Minimalist Bathroom
Remember, for a modern design less is more. Use less number of items for decoration. If you have a small bathroom, keep least number of items on the countertop, a white-colored bathroom with 2 bamboo plants and few wooden mats are enough as decor.
Also, you can install hanging bathroom sinks instead of the pedestal sink. Similarly, use elements in the bathroom which have a more compact design.
Maintaining Uncluttered Space
Yellow bathroom
Keep the bathroom uncluttered, so that clean lines are maintained and the bathroom looks inviting. This also makes cleaning easier.
Hence, countertops with shelves underneath them are a great idea to store the things you need in the bathroom and to maintain an uncluttered space. You can also install bathroom cabinets that have mirror, and install them in front of the sink to keep toothpaste, brush, and other stuff to keep the bathroom uncluttered.
If you have a very small bathroom, then you can keep an open wooden shelf just outside the bathroom to pick up the stuff you need while using the bathroom. So, use the given tips and tricks and decorate a beautiful and modern-looking bathroom!