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Mobile Home Replacement Windows

Mobile Home Replacement Windows

Buy mobile home replacement windows, and give a new look to the old and damaged ones. This DecorDezine article lists out all the available options, and tips on purchasing and installation of these windows.
Mamta Mule
Mobile home windows are often damaged due to weather or accidents. Even a single crack can mean changing the entire glass pane. Frame damages that lead to problems in opening and closing of windows is a common reason for replacement. So, instead of allowing in wind and dust even while you keep them closed, it would be best to look for replacement windows. While many home owners just choose to change the windows, some also opt to change the entire frame and have completely new styled ones.

There are various type of windows that may be installed in such homes. These include sliding, double hung, or jalousie windows. Many consider removing the old styled jalousie ones that consist of horizontal slats of glass, and installing modern styled ones in the existing opening. If you planning the same, you may wish to consider the following.

» Consider the Options Available

While you plan to replace the windows in your home, your first step is to consider the various options available. IF you wish to replace the old louvered glass windows, consider if you want to install plush sliding ones, or replace them with same styled ones. The double hung ones are preferred by home owners. Decide whether you want to buy double hung windows in which two panes stay against each other when opened, or those in which the panes separately open outwards. Double pane windows are also a good alternative.

When you replace existing windows with dual pane ones, you need not increase the size of the opening. However, while installing sliding ones, you will have to increase the opening space if your home initially had jalousie or double hung windows. Changing the type of existing window, and fitting an entirely different type can be a long process. Doing so can give a new and trendy look to your home.

» Purchase and Installation Process

There are a few problems involved in ordering the windows on-line. Firstly, the glass screens are delicate, and hence need a proper packaging, which increases the total shipping cost. In case the measurement is slightly wrong, they won't fit which means returning them back. This process will take a long time again. It is best to opt for screens from a local shop to avoid these problems.

Another thing to consider is installing a replacement window. Basic question is whether you will be doing it yourself, or if you need to hire a professional for the task. While many home owners plan to do this job themselves, it is best to hire an experienced professional for this project. As mentioned earlier, a small mistake in measurements can lead to problems in installation. So it is best to call a professional who will rightly know how to take the measurements, and finalize the plan. He will take the dimensions, after which you can order the windows accordingly. Once the pieces are delivered, get them installed by the same professional.

With the number of options available, finding suitable pieces while remodeling such homes is not a tough task. Check out the various websites selling these pieces on-line and order them after the plan is finalized.