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The Strange But Deep Connection Between Mirrors and Feng Shui

Mirrors and Feng Shui
Did you know that mirrors and Feng Shui have a deep connection, and that these reflective surfaces can have a huge effect on your luck? According to Feng Shui (a philosophy that originated in ancient China), mirrors are indicative of the energy of the element, water. Elements play an important role in the practice of this philosophy.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
A quick look at the mirror before dashing out of the house in the morning is a routine for most of us. Unlike the mirror that Snow White's stepmother owned, our mirrors unfortunately do not answer our questions. But if you believe in the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, then these reflective surfaces could govern your luck for you. Here, we tell you how the placement and shape of a mirror could change things for you.

Mirrors have been an integral part of human life, thanks to the fact that most of us are obsessed with appearances. From the still water collected in a vessel, to mirrors made of obsidian, to the modern-day mirrors made of glass, till date there are many superstitions that surround mirrors. Mirrors were believed to show an image of your soul. There was also the superstition that breaking a mirror can cause seven years of bad luck. Buddhist beliefs say that in houses with a triangular roof, a circular mirror reflecting the entrance will dissuade bad spirits from entering the house. There is also a common belief that two mirrors facing each other can bring bad luck. These are but superstitions.

Here, we tell you how these commonplace mirrors play an important role in the ancient Chinese philosophy that governs spatial arrangement and designing.
Feng Shui and Use of Mirrors
There are many different beliefs about mirrors and the practice of Feng Shui. In the philosophy, it is believed that the mirror helps create a space with strong and positive energy or Chi. A slight difference in the prescribed placement can have a huge effect.
Feng Shui and mirror placement is often studied for many years by experts as it can cause dramatic changes in the flow of Chi in a space. It's believed that it brings about a refreshing and calm feeling. They capture positive energy and are capable of repelling negative energy. They are often considered to be a reflection of what your self-worth is and how clear you are about your goals and ambitions. The experts believe that there should be no mirrors that are smoky or marked in the house.
The mirrors should be clear and devoid of any distortion. Also do not choose tiled mirrors as they divide the energy of the space.
If you are placing a mirror reflecting the front door of your house, then remember to place it to a side as it can repel energy and send positivity out of the house. Avoid mirrors that show only half reflections as these can lead to the user of the mirror having a negative self image. Feng Shui experts suggest that you place mirrors in such a manner that they reflect beauty as it increases positive energy.
If you have to place a mirror in your bedroom, then keep it covered when you sleep at night. This is an important thing to keep in mind while using Feng Shui for your bedroom. Placing a mirror in the kitchen behind the stove is often considered to be an indicator of wealth.
Mirrors that are square or rectangular in shape are said to be an indicator of balance. Octagonal mirrors stand for power and circular ones for unity.
The placement of a mirror in Feng Shui has different implications. If placed in the east, then it is supposed to direct positive energy in the areas of family and health, in the southeast direction, it brings you luck in financial activities, and in the north it governs your career.
Bagua mirror
The Bagua mirror is a very powerful object which deflects and absorbs negative energy. This mirror is very powerful and can cause a lot of harm as well which is why it is important that you consult a professional before placing such a mirror.
The use of mirrors according to Feng Shui is something that needs a lot of study. You would not want to experience the ill effects of wrong placement of mirrors. Therefore, it is advisable to always consult a professional before you decide to hang mirrors in different areas of your house to absorb positive energy.
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