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Microfiber or Leather Sofa: Which One to Buy?

Microfiber or Leather Sofa: Which One to Buy?
Confused if you should choose comfort over luxury, or invest in a sofa that makes a huge style statement? Allow DecorDezine to guide you to the right choice.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Fun with numbers
The average sofa in its lifespan, which averages 8 years 1 month and 8 days, will witness 293 arguments, 1,300 cuddles, and suffer over 1,600 spillages.
Sofas, by themselves, spell comfort and beckon for a luxurious seating experience. Selecting the right sofa that compliments or enhances the interior of the room is indeed a herculean task. Before you start the hunt, we suggest you get a clear idea about what exactly you are looking for.

If you have a small living room, a small couch seems the practical choice, while a bigger living room will allow you to experiment with larger sofa styles. Although plush suede would go well with almost any interior, you can create a style statement with bold prints in microfibers. All you got to ensure is that the sofa serves its practical purpose in the long run.

While a sofa, replete with unique prints and colors, is sure to garner attention and instantly change the look of the living room, a rustic elegance cannot be denied equal attention.
Leather Vs. Microfiber Sofa
Leather and microfiber sofa
While both microfiber and leather upholstery provide durability, style, and comfort, there is a noticeable difference in the two. Before you purchase a sofa, take into consideration the following points ...
Microfiber is nothing but synthetic, tiny fibers, woven tightly together. The fineness of the fiber creates durability and flexibility in the fabric.

Leather comes from the hide of an animal, which is later tanned. The quality of the leather depends on the hide of the animal.
Made of synthetic fiber, microfiber can be woven to resemble just about any texture. You are sure to find a whole lot of variety and colors and prints, including textures like suede, velvet, or cotton.

Leather has a smooth finish, thus making the texture consistent. There is a possibility that the hide has remnants of scars, wrinkles, and marks that the animal could have borne.
Microfiber tends to absorb dust and other small particles in the weave of the fabric. This can possibly aggravate already existent dust allergies.

With leather, there is no scope for dust particles to be absorbed. Thus, leather succeeds in keeping away dust sores, mites, and allergies.
Microfiber sofas are relatively cheaper and fit the budget of just about anyone. The best thing about microfiber is that, you get full worth of the money you spend without really shelling out a bomb.

The price of a leather sofa depends on the quality and grade of the hide that goes into the manufacturing. Thus, a fine quality leather that is going to last a lifetime, is going to be pricey.
Comfort Matters
Here, comfort is a matter of choice, as both leather and microfiber are equally comfortable. In either case, comfort depends on the quality of the materials used. Which means that a higher quality of material will ensure a relatively comfortable sofa. Certain textures of microfiber sofas can tend to be uncomfortable, the point here is that, you need to test the material before actually going in for it.

Another point worth keeping in mind is that, leather sofas are humidity sensitive. Which means, you are going to be mighty uncomfortable in the summers. Microfiber, on the other hand, wicks away moisture, making it suitable for any climatic condition.
Leather, thanks to its flexibility, can withstand years of wear and tear and still maintain a brand new look. Microfiber is susceptible to tears and frays in the long run. While leather sofas are easier to clean than a microfiber sofa, staining is a major problem with both. The chances of a microfiber sofa losing its charm and color after a few years is higher, compared to that of a leather sofa. In addition to that, both the sofas are subject to scratching, clawing and spilling, especially if you got kids and pets.
To say the least, a person who despises animal slaughter is sure to stay away from leather, while those looking for comfort, will, by all means, invest in one. While one offers rustic elegance to your home decor, the other adds a splash of color and vibrancy. Ultimately, it boils down to what you prefer, and the choice here is between luxury and practicality.
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