Authentic Mexican Interior Design

Aastha Dogra Dec 13, 2018
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Are you planning to decorate your home in Mexican style? Read on for some Mexican interior designing tips which you will surely find handy while doing up your house, and changing the atmosphere to a cool and relaxed one.
If you are laid back and prefer things and surroundings that have an old world charm to them, if you love colors and ethnic styles, if you prefer sturdy, solid furniture and accessories rather than something sleek and elegant, then Mexican interior design will be the right choice for your home.
They exude a warm feeling, and have a very welcoming and inviting feel to them. With their colorful and bright surroundings, these homes can pep up anybody, when they come back home after a long day. If you are planning to do up your home and are considering this style, then here are some interesting and useful ideas that you can make use of.

Tips on Style and Design


Mexican furniture is greatly influenced by the Spanish, Chinese, and Mayan cultures. The furniture is usually straight lined, with lots of ornamentation on it. Furniture made from pine wood should ideally be used. Walnut and cherry furniture will also look good.
The items, whether they are sofas or beds, should be very large and broad, almost similar to country style furniture. Since this look will be incomplete without a riot of colors, you can paint the edges of the various furniture items with typical colors such as red, orange, and blue.
Central tables or side tables, which have ceramic tile inlays on the top, can be teemed with this furniture to give a bright look to the room. When choosing the flooring of the house, ceramic tiles or clay tiles go really well with these interiors.
If you want a wooden flooring, you can go in for hardwood flooring, which looks equally good.


These homes are usually full of accessories. So, place lots of candles, picture frames as well as mirrors in your home. Accessories made from metal as well as wrought iron should be used. Handwoven wall hangings should be used to adorn the walls.
You can place lots of cultural items such as wall hangings or paintings with Mexican folk art, pottery with geometric patterns on it, as well as the colored woven baskets, at various places in the house. Traditional masks can be put on the walls to complete the look.

Color Patterns

Choose very bright colors like blue, maroon, deep red, green, yellow, terracotta, and pink. Painting the walls in two bright colors, one for the bottom half and the other for the upper half, gives the house a very unique look.

Fabrics and Upholstery

Wall to wall carpeting should be avoided. But, you can use lots of small rugs, especially the handwoven ones, of bright colors, in all the rooms of the house.
Throwing a number of multicolored cushions on the sofas and beds is another way to get the perfect look.
While choosing fabrics for the curtains, go in for natural materials such as cotton. The curtains should be layered and fancy, with lots of geometric or folk art designs on them. For upholstery, leather, which gives a ranch like look to the house can be used.
Mexican designs are vibrant and relaxing at the same time. Its fiesta of colors energizes the surroundings and the inhabitants like none. So, if you desire a house that exudes warmth and romance at the same time, go in for this style without any delay.
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