Metal Wall Art

Maya Pillai Oct 27, 2018
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Metal wall artwork is a decoration idea that blends well with traditional and contemporary styles of interior decoration. This information provides tips on the utilization of these unique decorations to maximize the appeal of the interiors of your home.
Wall decor is a significant feature of any house. It is believed that the art on the walls disclose not only one's tastes and values, but also one's way of life. Art made from metal is a trend that is currently in vogue.
These pieces are available to suit both contemporary and classic styles of interior decoration. There is a wide variety, hence such pieces can be placed in any room.

Contemporary Ideas

Art pieces can be made of metals such as copper, brass, and wrought iron. While those of copper and brass can be expensive, wrought iron is comparatively cheaper. Such pieces are neutral in nature and can blend with any contemporary style of interior decorating.
Some commonly found pieces are available in various shapes such as circles, squares, and rectangles. Some popular and fast-moving artworks are the items such as flowers, mirrors with decorative fringes, trees, leaves, and so on.
A fine metal wall art in your drawing-room or office would give a contemporary and unique look. It would create a long-lasting impression by making it a focal point of the room.

Metallic Art - The Latest Trend in Interior Decoration

Metallic art pieces can be displayed in groups or spaced out on the wall or can be hung outside the house. If utilized creatively, they can create a stunning effect in the area that you place the artworks.
Install metal flower-boxes or a wall-planter at the home entrance to give a nice look. Those in the form of hangers and hooks fixed behind the entrance door could be used to hang umbrellas or keep hats.
Vases also known as wall pockets are used to decorate the living room. These decorative pieces could be used to hold dry or live flowers.
Fixtures such as metal candle sconces are currently in vogue. Plain and intricately designed hangings are easily available in the market.
Intricately designed metal quilt rack installed on the bedroom wall would add a rustic and traditional charm to the bedroom. The traditional and heirloom quilts can be displayed on this rack along with a few unique decorative curio pieces.
You can try decorating the living room with a wall pocket coupled with a mirror with intricately designed fringes. A bouquet of artificial flowers in the pocket would give a pleasing look to the room. The mirror would brighten the room by reflecting the light.
Metallic art can blend very well with rustic, traditional, contemporary, and modern styles. You can add charm to the house by hanging one outside the entrance door.
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