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Metal Balusters for Stairs

Metal Balusters for Stairs
If you are redesigning indoor staircases, one of the best features you can add to them are metal balusters. They are decorative and give the house an elegant look. Here, we give you more information on the same.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2019
Posh Entry with Spiral Staircase
If you have a staircase in your home, there are always different ways of designing it. The main feature of indoor staircases is that they give the house volume and make the area look large and classic. The way in which these staircases are built also add aesthetic value.
There are two major factors that you can concentrate on to make the staircase presentable, and also one with the interiors. These are the railings of the staircase, and the balusters on which the railings are supported. Balusters stand in between the railing and the stairs, and their function is mainly support.
Luxury Stairs
But to make them look attractive, there are a number of designs and materials used in interior decorating, one of them being metal.
Balusters for Stairs
Stairway Decoration
There are many types of staircases, patterns are designed as per the house structure and space. Few designs are straight, spiral, freestanding, circular, single open under, where stairs, railings, and balusters are built as needed.
Though concrete and other materials can be used to make balusters strong, they are commonly made from steel and wrought iron. The reason these two metals are used is because they are flexible and can be molded in various shapes.
Designs and Ideas
Even though most balusters have straight designs, you can always get them custom-made for your home, or use ones which are molded. You will find a variety of shapes and designs in these molded ones, as wrought iron is very popular for such stylish patterns. Balusters look very elegant when they have simple designs created in the center.
Grand staircase of a beautiful house
Hammered: It is a very complicated molding of the metal, where the entire rod is thick and the center has bulbs, hollow circles or simple twists.
Scrolls: If you have seen an actual scroll, you will know that creating this pattern on the wrought iron rod is a very difficult job, but these designs look absolutely stunning.
Curved staircase and foyer interior of upscale, modern home
Shapes: Wrought iron and steel balusters can also be molded in shapes like squares, triangles, circles, curves, zigzag, etc., to add even more simplicity to your staircases.
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Straight: These are nothing but a simple rod of metal placed in between the railing and the stairs. Even though it is the simplest, it is the most stylish and classy.
How to Install Balusters
  • Installing balusters can be very easy if you don't have to remove the already existing ones.
  • You will require the balusters, the baluster shoes or holders, and a polyurethane adhesive for this installation in home construction. With these materials in hand, you also need to measure and check if the shoes and the base of the balusters are of the same size.
  • You can either replace the ones which are not the same dimensions, or if you are installing new balusters, get shoes according to their sizes. Once the arrangements are made, you can use them while installing hardwood stair treads. You will need two shoes for each baluster, one for the top and one for the base (railing and stairs).
  • Now, you can start slipping each baluster inside the shoe and add the polyurethane adhesive inside the shoe for attachment. This will ensure the support of these balusters.
With this basic information, you can choose the type of balusters as well as install them yourself! So, go ahead and decorate your staircases with a touch of elegance and style.