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Mediterranean Furniture Style

Mediterranean Furniture Style

For decorating your home in the Mediterranean style, you need to know about Mediterranean furniture style. In this article we will discuss all about Mediterranean furniture and how you can use them in your home.
DecorDezine Staff
The Mediterranean influence can be seen in most interior designing themes and the best way to do it is to opt for Mediterranean style of furniture. The Mediterranean style of decorating is inspired from Mediterranean architecture from certain regions of the world like Italy, south of France, Tuscany, Spain, Greece and Morocco. The Mediterranean style of furniture is neither overly ornate like Victorian and Edwardian furniture nor is it very minimalistic in design. It is a unique combination of rustic as well as exotic design which goes very well with both cottage style house or modern and contemporary apartment. The main feature of Mediterranean furniture design and style is that they are short in stature, i.e. they are built very low to the ground. Since Mediterranean furniture style is such a broad term and different regions of the Mediterranean comes with different designs and styles in furniture, here we will try to explain them in detail.

Mediterranean Furniture Design and Styles

The most popular style of Mediterranean furniture comes from the Tuscan region in central Italy. The Tuscan region is well-known for its famous artists and landscapes and it has an old-world charm. Rustic furniture in solid wood are the hallmarks of this region.

Bedroom Furniture
For Mediterranean bedroom furniture styles, a four-poster low bed in dark wood is a must. Since stone or brick floors are a part of Mediterranean style, wood furniture in sturdy and rugged design goes well with it. To incorporate this style in your home, you should invest in low but solid wooden furniture and furnish it with colors like teal, orange and chocolate. Earthy tones of brown and rust are also good furnishing colors when you are decorating your house in the Mediterranean style.

Dining Room Furniture
No Mediterranean interior design is complete without good Mediterranean dining room furniture. The dining room should exude warmth and should be rustic and inviting. Furniture in the dining room should be rustic, heavy and use different design elements. A big wooden top dining table with simple wrought iron chairs are great for incorporating a Mediterranean theme in your house. A hand painted sideboard in dark wood is also a must-have piece of Mediterranean furniture in the dining room. Use mosaic art, terracotta utensils and stained glass lamps to create the right ambiance in the dining room.

Living Room Furniture
Low, soft couches in off white or pristine white is a must have furniture piece in Mediterranean style decorating. This simple piece of furniture can be jazzed up by the use of a colorful cushion and throws in colors such as azure blue, gold, copper, olive green and orange. Colors are the most important element of Mediterranean furniture styles. These colors will bring out the Mediterranean decor theme in your house. Two or more materials are often combined in Mediterranean styles like wood and wrought iron. Wood and wrought iron furniture pieces are most often seen in coffee tables, bookcases and center tables as Mediterranean living room furniture. This combination of different materials in furniture helps to give the living room a very casual and serene atmosphere.

Outdoor Furniture
Wrought iron furniture which is often combined with tiny mosaic pieces are great choice for Mediterranean outdoor furniture. You can also opt for low rattan furniture, furnished with white and azure blue cushions for the patio. A wrought iron center table is also perfect for the patio. To complete the Mediterranean theme, decorate the patio with potted plants in large terracotta pots and hanging flower baskets in wrought iron holders.

Another style of Mediterranean furniture that is very popular is hand painted furniture. This is mostly seen as Moroccan influence in Mediterranean furniture and has a very old-world and rustic appeal. Mediterranean furniture style can best be described as rustic yet chic. Mediterranean style furniture should immediately bring to mind images of the sea, open spaces and azure sky. Mediterranean decorating ideas are of course just not limited to furniture. You can create a unique Mediterranean theme in your home by using pottery, colorful rugs, tiles and artifacts. The list is limitless, but just keep in mind that less is more when it comes to decorating your home in Mediterranean style.