Mediterranean Decorating Ideas

Shashank Nakate Dec 14, 2018
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The different Mediterranean decorating ideas have been influenced by many cultures of the world. The resulting decor which is created from the following ideas would give a unique look to the interiors.
The Mediterranean style of interior decoration is often described as alluring and seductive, and it has been used for centuries. It incorporates the use of glass, terracotta, and iron as the basic material. Iron can be used in various ways to enhance the appearance of interiors.
Grills made of wrought iron can be used to make structures resembling window frames. The architectural pieces made from wrought iron are also used for wall hangings. Terracotta is used in making pots with different shapes and colors. Over-sized pots are a prominent feature of this style of interior decoration.
The beauty of this decoration style emanates from the fusion and blend of various influences and styles. It is characterized by colors, such as sea and desert sand. Other features include textured walls and mosaic tiles.


Walls are usually textured with amber, terracotta or olive green shades. The idea behind is to give them a warm look as the Mediterranean region is marked by warm climate. Varied materials are used to give the walls a visual depth.


Sea green, lavender, creamy yellow are vital colors used. Creamy yellow and orange with sky blue and sea green color may seem to be odd; but, it suits the Mediterranean themes and accessories. Mostly, colors are mixed with white to give the walls a wash effect.


Tiles which have the appearance of bricks are observed. Brown is the main color used for tiles, and the design imprinted on them is mostly mosaic. Usage of floral patterns, and the designs of daisy flowers are commonly used.

Interior Decorating Ideas

Different ideas mentioned here will prove to be beneficial in understanding more about the various features of Mediterranean decoration:

♣ The bullnose edge used for fireplace mantels and countertops is a specialty of this form of style.

♣ The hardware used out here is heavy. The appearance is burnished i.e., bright in appearance.
♣ One will usually find wooden and iron racks for keeping utensils.

♣ The windows are usually large and provide a connection to the outdoors. The coverings used for these windows should appear like shutters.

♣ One can make use of different types of decorative items, such as tapestries, iron grills, etc., to fill the wall space.
♣ Curtains used for interiors must have bold patterns. A distinguishing feature of this is, the color need not match with rest of the decorative items.

♣ Deck and patios are decorated with earthen pots with herbs and flowering plants. If not real herbs, put up their pictures. Lavender and rosemary are stored in containers to add fragrance to the surroundings.
♣ Wrought iron is used for making towel and candle holders.

♣ Adding religious relics to the decor enhances the appearance, and it is a common sight in this style of decoration.
Hopefully, the aforementioned information has enlightened you about the various features of this style. Now, you can go ahead and incorporate these myriad ideas to enhance the look of your abode. Happy decorating!