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A Guide to Matching Paint Colors

Mamta Mule Dec 13, 2018
It is a classic idea to match paint colors with your home decor to have the perfect interior decoration. You have a lot of options when it comes to matching paint colors. Here are some tips you can consider for different rooms in your home.
If you wish to get out of the contrast ideas for interior painting, then this information will help you a lot. Many of you might be wondering about having a single color to highlight your home, having most of the items in the same shade.
There are many options in which you can go for matching paint colors. However, the primary part of the exercise is to find the right color or its shades to match an existing object. A little know-how can help you do this. Here are some tips that will help you create an amazing effect.

Match the Wall Colors to the Furnishings

Now, if you are working on the living room, then the best idea is to complement the wall to the furniture. After all, the furniture is the highlighting part of the living room.
While working on the kitchen decor you can opt to match the wall with the kitchen cabinets. You can also complement it with the base color of the countertop.
One of the bedroom wall painting ideas is to opt for a color matching the bedding or curtains. Another tip is to match it with the furnishings. A copy of the design on the curtains, over the walls is a classy idea, of course not for all the walls.
This can go for the focal wall of the living room. It will also make the best bedroom design. Make sure the curtains are not part of this wall. In this case the designs in darker shades like red and black will look amazing with rest of the walls colored white.
This is only right in case the object is not too dark. Else you can have a single wall in this dark shade, exactly complementing the dark furniture or dark kitchen cabinets and other walls in a lighter shade to create a perfect effect. In case of dual shaded cabinets, the color can be matched with the lighter shade.
In case of dark furniture, cabinets, countertop, or any other object go for a lighter tone in the same color. While choosing you can opt for lighter shades if you want to add size to the area. The darker shades are best to create a dramatic look. While matching the exteriors, you can opt to do it with the exterior furniture or the flooring.

Matching Procedure

Now, how to find the matching paint color is a task you need to do carefully to get the desired look. Many a time you need to find one to match your existing wall for touch up. All you need to do is get some sample chips and match them with your wall.
Make sure your wall is clean. Touch up for high gloss, even after a few days of applying this can be difficult. Gloss finishing makes finding colors really a tough task. That's the reason it's easier to match flat colors. So, matching the walls with objects that have a matte finish is much easier.
For coordinating the colors with your existing wall or any other object like furniture, cabinets, etc., you need to follow this procedure. Get the sample chips, hold them one by one against the walls or the object on different spots on a bright sunny day. Match the chip with that patch which is getting indirect sunlight.
Remember, never hold the chip on the object or wall that is illuminated by a sunbeam. Keep trying till one of the chips matches exactly. Once you buy the color, just paint a small patch. Wait and apply the next coat. Most of the time the shade deepens as it dries and of course, with more coats. Now look at the result and then you can go for final painting.
Hope the aforementioned tips and ideas will help you to spice up your home decor. Think twice and don't forget the patch test before you start the painting procedure.