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Tips on Designing Master Bedroom Floor Plans

Omkar Phatak Dec 14, 2018
If you are embarking on a project to redesign your master bedroom, information here will certainly be a helpful read.
Your bedroom forms the core of your comfort zone in the house. And you want it to be equipped with all the amenities and designs that turn it into your comfort cocoon. Only you know what you want and therefore, it's befitting that you design your own master bedroom.
Designing a floor plan of your house is all about using the space and the resources tactfully and artistically to create a comfortable home with warm ambience.
You may be planning to make a floor plan for a bedroom in your new house or you may be designing a new one for your existing house.

Designing Tips

Simplicity, elegance, and economy are the hallmarks of a good floor design plan. First thing to do, before you embark on the designing project is study the architecture and the latter part is applying what you have studied. Here's what you'll need to do.

Study Floor Architectures

Visit the library and get hold of architectural magazines devoted to interior designing. Scan out the floor plans provided therein. Get photocopies of design plans that you like. This will give you a feel of what you want in your own plans.

Download Plans Online

You can get some master bedroom ideas from sites that offer such plans for free. You can download and print out such plans and include some features that you like, into your own plan.

Furniture & Fixture Plans

Once you have a clear idea about the kind of space you want to create, you can finalise the type of furniture and fixtures to be fit in. While customized furniture gives you an opportunity to make optimum use of space; the ready-made furniture saves your time.
Measurements of floor space are fundamental requirements of your design.The other aspect to think about is light fixtures and other electrical connections, along with plans for an attached bathroom.

Flooring and Painting

Flooring and painting is another factor which you need to think about. Colors matter when it comes to home interiors, as they have an effect on the overall ambiance. Also decide on the kind of flooring that you want for your bedroom.

Draw Your Plans

Buy a graph paper and start drawing the plan you have in mind. Use architectural software to create 3D floor plans.
Lastly, make a pricing analysis of all the furniture, fixtures, and overall costs. You may need to trim your design features as per your budget.
Designing projects like creating floor plans can not only be a lot of fun, but can also give you a firsthand idea of the budget you can expect to build one. Designing your plan is an activity which you and your spouse can do together and enjoy. 
Take your time and make sure that you have the perfect plan, tailor-made to your requirements and budget, before you go ahead.