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Colors to Enliven the Master Bedroom

Pushpa Duddukuri Dec 17, 2018
Let's check it out the hottest paint colors for your bedroom that will spruce up your master bedroom decor.

Painting Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

Golden Hues

If you want a sunny warm feeling in your room, the yellowish tints are perfectly capable of bringing a soft and debonair quality to your walls. Yellow-black color combinations give a dramatic and high energy look which can bring zest in mellow yellow.
If you decide yellow wall paint color, choose the right shade from the color palette because yellow on the sample chart can be deceiving. What you thought as a subdued buttery yellow can turn out to be garish eyesore. So pick your yellow carefully.

Pretty in Pink

Due to soft, subtle, and yet unconventional appeal, some love or hate the pink color. You can't just dismiss it by calling it a little girl's color as it has made its place in the heart of many people.
Pink color has numerous permutations. A color scheme of pinkish shades with gray, blue and green would create a soft inviting impression. When selecting, choose the top shades from the chip chart as they are the palest and so, will not be too bold for you.

Lavender Touch

Purplish paints are the perfect safe bet for your master bedroom. A color of luxury and royalty, the lavender shades are popular interior paint colors and combinations especially for the bedroom create a relaxing effect.
If you dare to choose the darker shades, it still won't be inhibiting the room and will make you feel good. Lavender with pink tint paint colors are selling like hot cakes these days, but there are also other popular shades like lavender rose, lavender blue, lavender gray, etc.

Plush in Green

Green paint colors lend calmness and relaxation in your master bedroom. They are reminders of nature and hence, meadowy light green would bring the feel of nature inside your bedroom.
Choose a mossy green for your walls and imagine yourself walking through green woods. For more depth and subtlety in color, select green shades with undertones of gray, taupe or yellow.

Tropical Blue

Blue is a serene color which we can see everywhere. Though calming like water, some of its shades can be depressing, so choose carefully.
Aqua blue, carolina blue, non-photo blue, periwinkle blue, sky blue, ceil blue, etc. are good shades of blue which can be used for bedroom decorating as they can soothe you to sleep.
If you want a dark blue shade, then evening blue is as good as it gets, because it's mysterious, inviting and contemplative. Avoid grayish blues as it can dampen your spirits.

Perfect Accent Color

Go for multi-color theme. If your furniture is chocolate-brown, then you can accentuate that color with beige paint on the walls.
Accent colors are colors which are used to emphasis a scheme. By using the right type of furniture and accessories, you can wrap up two different colors in a nice little color scheme.