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Master Bathroom Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 6, 2019
There are endless designing and decorating possibilities for a master bathroom. The master bathroom is the most intimate room in your house and the right design ideas can make it look stylish and inviting. Read ahead to get some ideas to remodel your bathroom.
Master bathrooms are fast becoming one of the most popular renovation and home decorating projects for home owners. Anybody would like to have a bathroom that has a tranquil spa-like atmosphere. A well-decorated and designed master bathroom is also a great investment, should you ever decide to sell your property.
If you bored with your drab bathroom and want to transform it, then you need some great ideas for decorating the bathroom. You can give your bathroom a whole new look with innovative designs and some simple bathroom decorating ideas.
Here we will discuss some master bathroom ideas, which will transform this room into a cozy place where you can relax and unwind.

Design Ideas for a Master Bathroom

If master bathroom is not spacious, create the illusion of space by painting the walls in soft, muted colors. Paint one of the walls of the bathroom a bright bold color or alternatively give it a burst of color by tiling one wall in a vivid color.
For example, if the three walls of your bathroom are painted an off white color, the fourth wall can be tiled in aubergine and turquoise blue. This gives the bathroom a right balance between spaciousness and color. Whenever you are in doubt, opt for neutral colors like steel gray, taupe, tan and beige.
Light colors on the flooring makes the master bathroom look spacious and elegant. Use tiling in soft gray, powder blue or tan. Also, go for black and white checkered tiles. Don't use mini tiles as this makes the space look cramped.
Reserve them for the walls of your master bathroom. If you keep the color scheme of your bathroom flooring light, you can use dark-colored accessories like towels and murals to add color to the space.
Adding mirrors in your bathroom is another great idea for decorating a master bathroom. Mirrors are not only functional, but as it reflects light it makes the room appear spacious and larger than it actually is.
Strategic placement of mirrors above the sink and on the walls creates light in the room. You can also install a beautiful stained glass on the door of your bathroom.
For storage, install cabinets below the bathroom vanity or sink. Another idea is to create shelves above the bathtub to store body wash, shampoos, extra towels and decorative items. For items like dirty laundry and other knickknacks, you can store them in a wicker basket below the sink.
If you are strapped for space, you can consider placing a small cabinet in the hallway near the bathroom to store all extra supplies.
If you are looking for master bathroom remodeling ideas, install a large bathtub so you can take a relaxing soak after a tiring day. Tile the wall above bathtub with soothing colors for luxurious ambiance. Install a shower curtain in a complementary color to the decor.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas

With some smart decorating techniques, you can create a luxurious looking bathroom. Here are some decorating ideas for your master bathroom.
  • Use large mosaic tiles as an accent around the sink, bath and shower areas for a practical decorative finish.
  • Opt for a shower with adjustable riser to suit the changing heights of family members as they grow up.
  • Use eye-catching accessories like door knobs shaped like shells and starfish to add a whimsical touch to your bathroom decor.
  • Using a theme for decoration is a good master bathroom idea. Add small accents like a hand painted bowl with a nautical motif like seashells or conch which will go beautifully with a bathroom with a sandy colored palette.
  • Create an elegant display with a single stem of white rose or a posy of flowers on the bathroom countertop. Fresh flowers displayed strategically all around the master bathroom gives a very sophisticated and relaxing look.
  • If your walls or tiles of your master bathroom is in subtle natural pastel colors, then coordinate your linen and towels with matching shades of charcoal, chocolate and coffee.
  • You can use venetian blinds or muslin curtains for your bathroom windows. Tie the curtains with a decorative sash to soften the look of a frosted window.
So, these are some ideas for decorating a master bathroom. Try incorporating these ideas when you are remodeling your bathroom and transform your drab bathroom into a stylish one.