Marble Shower Walls

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 18, 2018
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If you are remodeling your bathroom, you must be sure while considering various materials for shower enclosure or shower walls. Marble is one of the most popular and attractive options, how about opting for marble shower walls? Learn about marble shower wall designs here.
Although time-consuming, remodeling a bathroom is a very exciting task. You need to decide the bathroom flooring, showers, bathroom counters, vanities, etc. while remodeling it. The kind of materials you choose for these components will have a bearing on the overall look and aura of the bathroom.
If you want a regal and rich look in your bathroom, then there is nothing better than choosing marble walls for the shower enclosure. Shower walls installed in beautiful natural or cultured marble gives the bathroom a luxurious and classy look.
Marble is available as marble sheets and marble tiles and you can choose from them to install on your bathroom shower wall surrounds.
Many people are worried about using marble as they think that it absorbs water and is too slippery. Although there is no doubt that marble absorbs water, this problem can be overcome with the use of a sealant.

Marble Shower Wall Designs and Layouts

There are two types of marble shower wall surrounds that you can install. Go for marble sheets, which are available in different measures of thickness or opt for marble tiles. Marble tiles are an easier option for shower wall surrounds when it comes to installing them, but the downside is that intensive grouting is required and the grout lines are visible.
If you opt for marble sheets, then ensure that the walls of the bathroom where you are going to install the marble sheets are strong enough to support the weight of the sheet. If the walls are not thick enough, then you might need to reinforce the structure from beneath.
Another factor to consider before you install marble sheet or tiles on your bathroom shower walls is whether you want to install natural or cultured marble.
Both natural marble and cultured marble are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns, but natural marble is more expensive than cultured marble. Given below are some of the best designs and layouts of marble shower wall surrounds.

Marble Tile Shower Wall Surrounds

For an elegant and contemporary look in the bathroom, use natural mini marble tiles in two tones like moss green and off white or dusky pink and off white. These types of mini marble tiles can be installed in either a crisscross pattern or checkered pattern for a modern bathroom.

Marble Sheet Shower Wall Surrounds

If you dislike grout lines in the shower enclosure, then opt for marble sheets. For a large bathroom, choose black marble sheets with a matte texture for the shower enclosure.
This will instantly give the bathroom a glamorous look. To match this decor and give it a more cohesive look, install the same black marble as a bathroom countertop.

Marble and Glass Tiles Shower Wall Surrounds

There is nothing more beautiful than pairing pristine white marble with glass tiles.
One of the best designs for a marble shower enclosure is to use glass tiles on the bottom half of the shower wall and white marble tiles on the top portion of the wall. This type of design is ideal for a large bathroom as it provides an accent to the bathroom.

Patterned Marble Tile Shower Wall Surrounds

Another great design for marble shower wall surrounds that you can opt for is a patterned marble tile.
Install natural marble tiles that have a swirling pattern in it. Swirling patterns in natural marble provide a refined look to the bathroom. Marble tile installation is not a tough project but it is always best to seek professional help.
Marble is a soft stone that is prone to stains and scratches. Applying a sealant after its installation is crucial, if you want marble shower walls to appear as good as new. There is no doubt that marble is a high maintenance and expensive material for shower wall surrounds, but there is really nothing that can beat the beauty and elegance of marble.