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How to Make Your Own Canopy Bed

Aishwarya Nirmal Dec 1, 2018
A pleasant surrounding is extremely essential for a good night's sleep. A comfortable environment can be developed by self-designing the room furnishings. Build a canopy bed according to your liking to sleep and relax in comfort.
You must have heard many people quoting, "I am so tired, I could literally sleep right here.", especially after a long and tiring day. Well, sleeping anywhere does not essentially refresh you to the fullest.
You must have observed that whenever there is a change in our sleeping environment, we do not feel rejuvenated even after sleeping for sufficient hours. This generally happens because our mind and body is accustomed to the room, bed, bed sheets, etc., that we use every day.
Everyone likes to get cozy and comfy while sleeping. One of the best ways to get the required privacy is to have a canopy bed at your house.
A canopy bed is a 'meta-private' space, i.e., it is like a private space within a private room. There are many ways for making a bed canopy without making any major alterations to the existing bedroom furnishings.

Ideas for Making a Canopy for Your Bed

If you already have a four-poster bed, hanging artistic drapes and curtains readies your self-made, self-owned canopy bed. 
In case, the bed does not have any support or frames, you can tie up four wooden or metal poles/sticks of exactly the same measurement to the four corners of the bed and hang the curtains from them.
If the pole/sticks look pale, you can always ornament them with ribbons, crape decorations, sparkles, etc., or even paint them to suit the color of the bed, walls, or curtains.
If poles cannot be tied up, another option is to drill holes in the ceiling exactly above the points where the four corners of the bed are located, and screw strong hooks to hold the curtains or drapes. If drilling holes is not feasible, you can paste strong stick-on hooks instead.
Rather than drilling four holes, a single hole can also do the trick. By drilling a single hole at the right position, you can hang up a curtain by the hook and let the sides fall down the edges of the bed giving it a tent-like appearance.
If the bed has a frame at the feet, cut the curtains partially on one or both sides. If it does not have any obstruction at the feet, then cut the curtain at the feet-side only. To make it more intimate, a chain can be stitched to this cut, so that you can seal-off the opening when required.
If you are a nature lover and wish to wake up every day in 'nature's embrace', you can hang up a curtain that portrays a beautiful scenery throughout. For an additional creative touch, spread a bed sheet that depicts a river or sea and maybe a quilt depicting grass.
Another interesting and intriguing idea for designing the bed canopy would be to paste neon stick-ons on a dark fabric curtain. The shapes and signs can vary as per your wish. There is a wide variety of curtain and drape fabrics to select from. You can get any one or combine a few to suit your taste.

Steps for Making a Canopy for Your Bed

1. First, create a strong framework for the bed canopy. If you are using poles or sticks for support, tie them up with a strong string so that they can bear the weight of the curtains.
If you are using hooks, drill the holes deep and screw the hooks securely. Seal the area between the hooks and the hole with cement or any other cementing material. If you are using stick-on hooks, paste two hooks at each corner for added safety.
2. Next, measure the distance between the hooks or sticks with a measuring tape and note them down. Remember, you will not only need fabric to cover up the sides, but additional fabric to cover up the top portion of the framework as well.
3. Prepare a rough sketch of what kind of design you want to cut out of the fabric and buy the materials accordingly.
4. In order to attach the curtain to the hooks, curtain rings will have to be sewn on the material at appropriate places.
5. You can also cut the fabric as per the measurements of the framework, knot the corners of the cloth to the hooks and then sew up the curtains together.
6. Now decorate the poles/sticks and curtains as per your wish.

Creative Canopy Bed Ideas

Studies show that a sound and peaceful sleep is extremely essential for physical and mental health. Good sleep is a result of good sleeping habits and a calm atmosphere. A canopy bed gives you exactly that.