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What is Magnetic Paint for Walls

What is Magnetic Paint for Walls
Magnetic paint is a new product, which provides a magnetic surface to your rooms. With this paint, putting things up on the wall, has become easier. This new product has become quite popular among people who like to decorate their walls with posters and other such stuff.
Omkar Phatak
Magnetic wall paint is a rage among people who like to try out innovative products and ideas. It eliminates the need for putting in nails or using cello tapes to hang things. Imagine, just putting up your favorite poster on the wall, with nothing but a metal coin or a ring. Its chalkboard paint version is an ideal medium for creating an art display, for kids.
It is a great idea for interior painting of your house. A metal ring clings to the surface and holds the poster onto the wall. Magnets and paint are two distinct things. When you put two such distinct ideas together, you get magnetic wall paint. It adds functionality to your walls. Ferromagnetic particles, of very small size, are used for the purpose.
With this paint, you can finally say goodbye to hooks and nails. Convert your walls into art galleries, without the need for pins and clips. Let us know more about this paint and how it can be used to convert your room walls, into magnets.
How is it Made?
Magnetic paint is an ingenious chemical product. It is made by using ferromagnetic particles. It consists of a carrier paint, suspended ferromagnetic particles, along with oil, thickening agents, and binders. The particles are the source of magnetism and the other substances are paint products. It is a kind of colloidal gel, in which solid particles are suspended.
You can have the paint in mixed form, with the primer or you could add an additive powder to normal paint. Both ways, you will have the same result.
Painting Walls With it
Magnetic wall paint is very easy to apply on walls. First, prepare the wall surface for paint application. Then, add the ferromagnetic powder to the paint. After adding it, you must stir the mixture vigorously and continuously.
Otherwise, the particles will settle down at the bottom and when you apply the paint, you will have a non-uniform magnetic effect. In this case, the magnetism of the surface will not be even. So, you need to keep stirring it, before painting your walls. Instead of spraying the paint, it's a better idea to roll it. This way, you can have a more uniform layer of magnetism. Once the painting is done, allow the paint to dry for 4-8 hours. Otherwise, you could directly apply the ready-made paint, which is more costly.
After applying this paint, you could cover it with another non-magnetic paint color, of your choice. The magnetization of the wall will not be affected. The degree of magnetization achieved on the wall, will depend on the number of coats you apply. If you want to create a stronger 'wall magnet', then apply more coats.
The paint is completely safe and does not cause any health hazards. It makes poster sticking and wall decoration very easy. If you are not sure about the effectiveness of this paint, try applying it on one part of a wall, on an experimental basis.