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Does Magnetic Paint Work?

Does Magnetic Paint Work?
Magnetic paint is useful when you don't want to bore holes in the wall, and still want to have wall hangings in your home or office. It has iron content in it, which helps stick magnetic objects to it.
Vipul Lovekar
Drilling holes and hammering nails in the wall is quite a tedious task. Also, these holes don't look too good. Why do you have to work so hard for a few wall hangings, when there is an alternate solution available in the form of magnetic paints. A few magnets attached to wall hangings can allow you to stick that hanging on a wall. It is not unusual to conclude that the paint is magnetic in nature. But, is it?
A wall coated with magnetic paint is like any other wall, but it has an added advantage. Magnets stick to them. But that does not mean that they are inherently magnetic in nature. It only means that, it has enough iron in it and magnets tend to get attached to it. Then again, it should not be misconstrued that heavy magnetic objects can be stuck to it and this technique does have its limitations.
Does it work?
Yes, it does work. It is basically a water-based emulsion paint. It contains very fine iron powder and is applied with regular roller brush. But a few coats are needed, so that it may have better magnetic receptivity. And if you really feel like applying a primer, you have to apply magnetic paint over it to give it a smooth finish.
How much is needed for my wall?
In about a liter, you can cover about 2.5 m2, when you apply three coats. As mentioned earlier, 3 - 4 coats are recommended for a good lasting effect. Experiment first on a certain portion of the wall, so that you may be satisfied, and then go on to apply all over.
Does it work for any kind of magnet?
Yes, but too large or too small magnets are not recommended. A light weight and typically flat magnet works wonders. Basically, it is best suited for fridge magnets, magnetic letters, and magnetic sheets. But it does not work with large objects such as posters.
How safe is it for children?
It is not at all harmful for children. It does not have any lead, and if your particular brand is complying with international standards, then you don't have to think twice before using it. Not only safe, it's one of the most eco-friendly paints as well.
What kind of colors are available?
Sadly, there is no variety of colors available in magnetic paints. They only come in one color and that is gray. If you don't like this color and still feel like having it, then you can hang a light-weighted wallpaper. Do remember that, your heavy wallpaper reduces the magnetic receptivity.
Will it interfere with a pace-maker?
Magnetic paint in itself is not magnetic. Hence, it is not harmful at all for a pace-maker; so much so that, even a computer can work near the painted wall. So you can stop worrying about any of the gadgets or health hazards when you are near magnetic wall.
With only one drawback, that it of not having much variety in colors, it is an excellent option for interior painting.