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Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint
If you are wondering how to add a creative touch to your home, kitchen, or office, then using magnetic chalkboard paint will do just that.
Rajib Singha
Magnetic chalkboard paint is one of the most cost-effective methods when doing up a space. It is an acrylic paint is a water-based emulsion paint that is safe for use by children. It can be used to put up a message board in the kitchen or as a back-door reminder board. For different games involving magnetic toys, a simple tabletop can be transformed into a magnetic surface. You can even encourage your kids to draw on its surface.
Magnet Chalkboard for Kids
You require magnetic chalkboard paint, a brush, foam roller, painter's tape, chalk, and a few magnetic items. The area that you wish to turn into a chalkboard, should be bordered by the painter's tape. This will keep the area to be painted, safe from getting messy. Some manufacturers offer a single paint product that contains both a magnetic primer and chalkboard paint, in a single coat. For best results, use a magnetic primer before applying chalkboard paint, to allow paint to go smoothly on a surface.
Magnetic Message Board
You can put up a magnetic message board in your kitchen. Thus, making you free from cluttering your house with post-its. In the same way, you can paint your kitchen wall with magnetic chalk paint. For the message board, you can choose a picture frame of any size. With your choice of color, shape, and finish, you can give a cool look to your message board. One important point to keep in mind, is to avoid applying the paint over already painted areas. This may give an undesirable look to the wall's texture.
Reminder Boards and Game Table
Reminder boards can also be set up using magnetic paints. Small reminders and notices can be put up on the back door, so that they do not go unnoticed by your family members. Magnetic toys are always a favorite with kids. Using this paint, you can create a magnetic chess or checkers board game.
This kind of painting is similar to any other typical method. However, it has to be carried out using a foam roller and a foam brush, to ensure a smoother surface. Constantly stirring or mixing the paint is necessary while painting. This is done to avoid iron particles in the paint from settling at the bottom. Applying more than one coat of paint will produce better results, as the wall will get more magnetized. Since this paint is usually dark, choose a spot with sufficient lighting.
Reminders, inspirational quotes, important information, funny and memorable pictures, anniversary and birthday dates, and festive messages, are some common things that people like to put up. Kids can be encouraged to write a thought for the day or any important lesson they have learned. Grown-ups can jot down errands for the following day, as well.
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