Things To Consider While Designing Log Homes

Charlie S Oct 30, 2018
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Log homes, also known as log cabins, are artistically prepared from logs of different diameters. These beautiful homes were first introduced in the United States of America. Read on to know about the things to consider while designing log homes.
The unique interior features of log homes provide a feeling of comfort and luxury upon entering the house. These homes are basically of two types, namely: handcrafted and milled.
Handcrafted homes are prepared from logs that have a striking similar look with their earlier and natural look when they were actually trees. The only change made in these, while preparing log cabins, is that they are peeled.
In contrast, the process of making milled homes is somewhat complicated. Logs that are used for preparing these homes are sent for processing to the manufacturing places to make timbers out of them, which are of the same size and look exactly similar. These kinds of homes became very popular in the United States during the 1880s.
Initially, very small log cabins were constructed using the basic tools to test their utility. Proper plot selection is very essential for constructing a log cabin. Before beginning with the actual construction work, ensure that the place has adequate sunlight, water, and drainage facilities.

Things to Consider for a Classy Interior in Log Homes

Shape and Diameter of the Logs

✎ While doing the interior work of your log cabin, pay special attention to the shape of the logs and their color. 
✎ The diameter of the logs plays a vital role in giving the home a royal look. The use of logs with smaller diameters will probably not help you achieve your objective. 
✎ This means that the larger the diameter, better will be the results. However, if you use logs with a large diameter, the carpet area of your homes should also be large. 

✎ Individual rooms also need to be big enough to suit the logs.

Orientation of the Windows

♦ Appropriate positioning of the windows in a log house is of prime importance, as these windows are a major source of receiving sunlight.
♦ The windows should be big enough and well-decorated. With large windows, you can get a great view of the beautiful natural environment surrounding your house. 
♦ You can consider having windows of different shapes, like triangular, square, rectangular, or circular and can also give different orientations to them. 

♦ If you wish to receive the early morning sunlight, then you can position the windows facing east. For a visual delight, let all the windows in the house have a uniform pattern.

Lighting System

☀ While decorating your log home, ensure that the lighting system is proper to avoid darkness in any room. 
☀ Like decorative windows, you can also have attractive lamps to make the rooms look nice.

The Flooring

♟ Coming to the flooring, avoid the usage of a carpet or mat for your kitchen flooring. Instead, you can use good quality wooden flooring for a better appearance. 
♟ In the kitchen, you can consider the idea of fitting colored tiles on the walls. It is not mandatory to use the same kind of flooring in all the rooms. 

♟ You can choose to design the kids' room or the master bedroom in a way different from the rest of the house.

Wall Decoration

» Wall decoration can be done by incorporating straight and curved lines of different fresh colors, like pink, red, blue, and yellow. 

» You can try out different painting ideas while doing the kids' room. You can use a pink shade for the girl's bedroom. 
» Avoid using colors, like lime green, orange, and purple, as these can look odd in a log home. 

» Different colors have some meaning associated with them. For example, white denotes peace whereas dark green symbolizes dense forests. 
» White, cream, and brown colors are also a great option for walls. Affix beautiful artistic masterpieces, like paintings of legendary personalities, landscape paintings, and abstract paintings for a rich effect.

Some More Suggestions

  • You can use materials, like glass, metal, and chrome in the kitchen.
  • Fabrics made of cotton linen and in neutral colors are a great option.
  • Flat sofas with strong legs are a favorite amongst people.
  • The Art Deco, Bauhaus, and Scandinavian styles of log cabin furniture is very famous these days.
  • Chairs made from pine, which is very soft, and aspen tree limbs are extremely comfortable and lovely in their appearance.
  • Artistic beds in log homes are made from cut logs that have a calico print on them.
  • Interior designing needs a lot of creativity. So, while doing the interiors of your dream home, consult a talented interior designer for some ideas.
  • Bark and rough textiles are the popular dramatic textures used.
  • Use of barnwood and fabrics, that are loomed roughly, is quite popular for log home interiors.
  • Pillows of various shapes and sizes add to the luxury quotient of the room.
  • Porches like the screened in and front porches that sweep open are used for outdoor furniture.
Apart from being unique and beautiful, log cabins are good for investment purposes, because they are always in demand and you can earn a good amount upon selling them. So, if you are planning to buy one, think no further and finalize the deal.
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