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Tips for Buying a Cheap Log Cabin Kit

Sonia Nair Apr 20, 2019
Log cabin kits come in different types, and choosing a cheaper one is not a herculean task. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some tips for buying this kit.
The price of a log cabin kit comprises only one-third of the final cost of construction, which includes other expenses like foundation, interior fittings, assembling, etc.

Log cabins have always been associated with nature and evoke a nostalgic feeling. Nowadays, such log structures are mostly seen in resorts and camp sites.
There are many people who are interested in building log cabins, but hesitate to invest a huge sum. Contrary to popular belief, log cabins can be constructed at cheaper rates, if you are ready to do some in-depth research. If you have enough time to collect the required materials after doing ample research, you can curtail the costs to a large extent.
You can save further by building the log house on your own. Otherwise, the best way is to get a log cabin kit, which can also be expensive. In fact, log cabin kits were introduced to cut down the cost and efforts of customers. Even though these kits are expensive, the advantage is that you can select them, according to your budgets and requirements.

How to Buy a Cheap Log Cabin Kit

When it comes to buying a log cabin kit, the golden rule is proper and thorough research. Even though these kits are claimed to be cheap, their prices do not include other related expenses. So the final cost of construction is always higher. Log cabin kits are available in different types, and choosing the right type is important, if you want to save money.
You must understand the various aspects of the product and check the credibility of the manufacturer, before choosing a log cabin kit. It is always advisable to go through the reviews of the product you intend to buy. Go through these details carefully, and choose a product that is best suited for your needs.
Before selecting a log cabin kit, you have to go through the building codes of your place. Your log cabin must be built according to these codes. In some regions, you need to obtain a building permit for constructing a log house. You may also be required to pay taxes for purchasing a log cabin kit.
Make sure that the land on which you are going to construct the log cabin, has the capacity to hold the weight of the structure. Go through the site survey plan, before construction. Consult your contractor to guide you in this matter. The cost of construction may vary depending upon the location, local weather conditions, and building codes.

The Smaller, the Better

Choose the size as per your need. Though huge, sprawling log cabins look good, they can be expensive in all aspects - product cost, installation, and maintenance. So choose a kit for making a smaller log house that can be maintained without much difficulty. Seek the advice of a surveyor to choose the right cost-effective foundation for your selected design.

Go for Simple Plans

Log cabin kits are available in different types. Most of the manufacturers offer complete kits with all materials that are required for assembling the whole log cabin. You may also get the 'walls only' kit that provides pre-shaped logs that are needed for constructing the walls.
The 'structural shell' kit contains materials required for building the structure of the house, and that includes the walls, roof, beam, rafters, etc. Compare the cost of these kits. You may choose the basic types that are cheaper than the complete kits. Keep in mind that you need to buy a whole lot of other materials for installing the basic types.

Cut Down the Corners

Stick to a plan with lesser number of corners, like a square or a rectangle. While added corners and angles enhance the aesthetic appeal, the expenses too increase simultaneously. Each added corner means more labor, roof lines, angles, etc. Choose a simple plan, with less windows, doors, etc. If you want to cut down the expenses, avoid custom-made plans.
It is always better to spend more in building a safe and strong structure, rather than buying expensive accessories. Avoid designs with exposed rafters and floor joists. A fireplace can increase the cost substantially. Instead of that, you can go for an efficient wood stove. You may also choose a fireplace insert, rather than a full-fledged stone fireplace.

Compare the Prices

There are n number of manufacturers who sell log cabin kits in different types. Shortlist reputed, local manufacturers so as to minimize the delivery expenses. Compare the products and their prices. While comparing the prizes, make sure to calculate the total cost, including the transportation and installation charges.
You must consider the cost of constructing the foundation and the cost of additional materials required. While some manufacturers deliver the kit at their own cost, others may charge you for the same. The customer may be asked to pay the cost of unloading too. So be clear about such additional expenses, from the very beginning.

Hire a Trusted Local Contractor

Though assembling the contents of the kit on your own is the best way to reduce the cost considerably, it is always better to hire a local contractor, who is an expert in this work. Such a contractor may have skilled laborers, and may also help you procure right materials at a lower cost. Try to install solar compost toilets, to save energy.
Nowadays, some of the cheap cottage kits come with such materials. You can also go for cheap, but durable materials as plumping and electrical fixtures, wiring, insulation, floors, and furniture.
Plan properly before purchasing a log cabin kit. Once you compare the prices and choose the design, negotiate with the manufacturer. The total cost can be much higher than the price of the kit. If you can construct the cabin for yourself, you would end up saving more. However, a good research is all that you need for buying cheap log cabin kits.