Information on Log Cabin Furniture

Maya Pillai Nov 26, 2018
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Log cabin furniture is rustic in nature and made from woods such as red cedar, white cedar, pine, and hickory. Such pieces blend with contemporary as well as ultra-modern styles of interior decoration.
Furniture in a log cabin is mostly known for its elegant and innovative design. They have a very homely appeal and provide an aesthetic look to the interiors. They are strong and durable in nature and match well with the interiors of a cabin.
An interesting fact is that they are distinctive and unique in design; no two pieces will usually look the same. The furniture in log cabins is usually made up of various types of wood depending on their cost, durability, and look. There are basically two types of cabin furniture.


When the inner and outer bark of a log is removed, it is known as a peeled log. Furniture made up of this kind of log looks regal.


If the inner bark of a log is not removed, it is known as a skip-peeling log. Furniture made of skip-peeled log gives a more rustic appearance than peeled log furniture.

Types of Wood Used

Let's take a deeper look into the types of wood that give log furniture a rustic and a warm look.


This wood is not only strong and shock-resistant, but can be easily carved to make unique furniture. The wood from unpeeled or skip-peeled hickory is used in making rockers, coffee table, desks, etc. It is also commonly used as flooring due to its durability.

White Cedar

Commonly found in Canada and North Michigan, this wood can withstand seasonal change without decaying. Its natural color is light tan. Furniture made from this wood will have small cracks which are naturally formed and enhance the rustic beauty of the furniture.

Red Cedar

This wood is very aromatic and naturally resistant to insect and termite attacks. An interesting fact is that the red cedar does not belong to the cedar family, but to the juniper family.
This wood is used to make log furniture like a chest of drawers, closets, beds, etc. Log cabin furniture made of red cedar lasts long and is usually considered as a heirloom.
A log cabin looks best with rustic furniture that gives a homely charm and is preferably hand-crafted. Today, log furniture is usually manufactured while keeping the rustic look intact, where such pieces are commonly found in vacation cabins, ski houses, or hunting lodges.
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