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Loft Furniture Ideas

Loft Furniture Ideas

A loft, unlike other rooms has some unique structural elements and therefore require furniture that works for such a space. In this article we are going to discuss loft furniture ideas for your home.
DecorDezine Staff
A loft, also known as an attic was traditionally used for storage. But nowadays, when space is at a premium, loft homes are very common. A loft is nothing but the open space at the top of a house just below the roof. Since a loft is unlike other homes with multiple rooms, it is somewhat challenging to decorate a loft house. With its wide open space plan, you will need unique furniture ideas for the loft, to give the loft a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. Because there are no walls to demarcate different living areas, you have to use your imagination and creativity to use loft furniture for defining living areas. One of the biggest hassle that most loft owners face is shortage of storage space. So you need to choose furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but which is functional as well. Here we will give you some ideas on what type and style of furniture will look good in a loft.

Furniture for a Loft

The most important thing to keep in mind while decoration the interiors of a loft, is to choose the appropriate furniture and arrange them in an attractive way. Most lofts have high ceilings and small furniture would therefore not look flattering or proportionate. The best pieces of furniture for a loft are those that have clean lines with modern minimalistic designs. You can also opt for furniture with metallic accents to give an industrial vibe to your interiors.

The Dining Area
To separate your living area from your dining area, first you need to invest in a dining table with matching chairs. Dining room furniture can be placed against one wall along with sideboard and a chest. The sideboard can be used for storing table linen as well as cutlery. A small hanging Chinese lantern or a modern chandelier with a geometric pattern, installed on the ceiling will give your adequate illumination for enjoying your dinner. If you plan to entertain in your loft, then opting for a six-seater or eight-seater dining table is sufficient. Adorn the walls of the loft with vintage posters or a single piece of oversized artwork.

The Living Area
After you have taken care of the dining area, the next area you should concentrate on is the living area. A big oversized couch which is placed in the middle of the loft, adjacent to the dining area, works very well. Since a loft has a lot of floor space, contemporary furniture will look great. If you are aiming for a monochromatic color scheme, then an off white, cream or gray sofa with black and red cushions will look quite stunning in your loft. A low center table, two coffee tables and additional high stools in the same furnishing as the cushions are other necessary components of loft furniture. You can also buy bar stools and place them against one corner of the loft. A tall metallic lampshade in clean lines with a modern design will finish the look of this area. A full-length wooden bookcase is another essential loft style furniture. This kind of bookshelves can be used to separate the rest of the loft from the sleeping area.

The Bedroom Area
The most important area of the loft is the place where you are going to sleep. Since there is no bedroom, you need to separate this area from the living area effectively and make sure that it has total privacy. You can use a full-length bookshelf or even a room divider to do this. The lighting of this area should be kept soft and low with the help of mood lighting and wall sconces. You can choose queen size loft bed furniture that are designed in such a way that they are raised above the ground. You can also choose a low bed, that comes in different designs and styles. These style of bed makes the loft appear cozier and they are available in oak, birch or maple wood. Loft furnishings also include sheer curtains or heavy curtains which are full-length.

These were some loft furniture ideas that you can use for decorating the loft. Lofts are not difficult to decorate, all you need are the right style of furniture and arrange them in the most flattering way. Loft decorating ideas are many, you just have to choose the right one that will make it look attractive and inviting.