Loft Design Ideas

Mamta Mule Dec 20, 2018
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Planning out the loft area in a house is of utmost importance to create proper space for our belongings and to make a place to stay. Here are some tips and unique design ideas to convert the empty loft spaces into useful and decorative.
When you are staying in a loft apartment, decorating it can be fun. Lofts often offer free space with a few pillars which can be decorated in your own style. While many might find decorating these places as a tough task.
These areas give you a lot of interior designing freedom which can be a great addition to your living space. Although they are often thought to be boring, they can be converted into usable spaces and planned creatively to match your tastes.

Plan First

Before you start working on various ideas, the first thing you need to do is 'plan'. Get a couple of drawing papers and a pencil. Start sketching your ideas and plans of arranging the apartment.
With a completely free space available in front of you, you can design it in numerous ways. Ask yourself how you can occupy each corner, and what can be placed near which wall? Designing the space depends on what you will be using it for.
An office loft will be definitely different from the bedroom loft. While the decor can be the same, the ideas for creating various spaces in this area will vary. Plan where you want the kitchen, dining, living, and bedroom in the apartment. If you are having a office here, mark the separate spaces accordingly before you proceed with the home furniture.

Create Partitions

Before spacing up the apartments, you need to add proper boundaries according to the designs. While adding walls can be a tough task, there are many other easy ways to add partitions and create separate rooms here.
A tall cabinet or armoire is a great way to have a partition. One of the ideas is to have a nice tall and wide cabinet with lots of storage space and doors so designed that one can't easily make out that it is a cabinet.
Another plan is to get a wood partition and simply place it. Add long, floor to ceiling, dark-colored soundproof curtains, and have a private space created easily.

Spice Up Each Space

Once you have separated the spaces, it's time to spice up these with the right furniture and home decor. Slim and delicate wrought iron bedroom furniture can organize small bedrooms. You can also add tall wall closets to place in your clothes and accessories.
In the living room, have a 'L' shaped sofa placed opposite your entertainment center. Another urban design is to have the dining room and living room in the same space without a partition. A nice centerpiece like a tall sculpture or any such artwork between these spaces is a great idea.
Adding perfect light fixtures is essential to nicely illuminate the loft. You can consider opting for recessed lighting designs.
Wall decor items are helpful in playing up the walls. Consider various interior painting ideas to finish the walls and beautify your loft apartment.
Implementing the aforementioned designs, you can definitely have a great looking space to stay in. Don't hesitate to experiment with your space and add the elements that you'll love to have in your house. With loft apartments, you have a chance to explore your creativity and ideas the way you can't do in a regular apartment. So, get started!
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